SEO is a tactic that’s traditionally left for the marketing department to handle. However, as it becomes an increasingly critical strategy for promoting brand awareness and driving new business, it’s something every business development professional should understand.

Much like social media in 2008, SEO is on the verge of becoming one of the most important marketing tactics for many of today’s B2B businesses. While you may not be the one responsible for improving your brand’s SEO rankings, there are several important ways it impacts the work you do every day.

These three important SEO facts will help business development professionals understand how their search engine ranking is impacting their sales and revenue goals:

1. 81% of B2B Purchase Cycles Start With a Web Search. (Source)

In today’s digital world, many customers are over halfway through the buying process before they ever interact with a salesperson.That digital journey starts with a web search.

2. SEO Lead Have a 14.6% Close Rate vs. Outbound Leads Have a 1.7% Close Rate. (Source)

Because people are proactively searching for your business to help them solve a problem, the likelihood that they will buy from you is exponentially greater.

3. 57% of B2B Marketers Say SEO Has The Biggest Impact on Lead Generation. (Source)

Many of today’s B2B brands are benefitting from the work they’ve put into improving their SEO rankings. If you’ve yet to experience how a high ranking for your website can impact lead generation, 2017 might be the year to consider how your company can intentionally invest in improving SEO.

Initially, it may not seem like SEO has much of an impact on your business development efforts, but nothing can be further from the truth. With these facts, get together with your marketing team and consider how you might work together to improve your brand’s ranking within the ever-increasing search happy world.