Contact Forms Not ConvertingLanding page or contact page forms have become an integral part of generating new business and converting leads for inbound marketers. They are the digital version of asking someone to sign-up for your newsletter, subscribe to your blog, download an offer, or reach out to you for more information about your business. Without these pages, there is nothing for the visitor to do to show interest in your business. However, based on our experience, here are five reasons why a landing page or contact page form doesn’t help when it comes to converting leads:

  1. You ask for too much information on your form. You might be wondering how much or how little information you should require with a form. The truth is there is no set number when it comes to how many fields your form should contain. A good practice is to only ask for the information you or your sales team need nothing extraneous. You should also avoid asking for 
sensitive information that companies or consumers may not want to disclose. 
  2. Visitors don’t think what you’re providing in return is valuable enough to share their contact information. It’s important to consider the value of the offer you’re making. The more perceived value an offer has, the more information you may be able to ask for in return. If it’s just a newsletter subscription, only ask for an email address (and maybe first name, at most). 
However, if it’s a free ebook or webinar, you can ask for more information, like email, first and last name, company, etc. 
  3. You’re not proactively working to reduce the anxiety of your visitors. People are more resistant to give up their information these days, especially because of the increase in spam. Add a privacy message (or link to your privacy policy) that indicates their email will not be shared or sold. 
  4. You’re not being strategic with the language you’re using on buttons. Don’t use the word “SUBMIT” on your form buttons! No one wants to submit anything. Instead, try “Download whitepaper,” “Get your free eBook,” or “Join our newsletter.” 
  5. You’re not following up quickly enough once someone submits information. If advertising a downloadable offer as your CTA, fulfill the request immediately. Another option is to send an auto-responder email containing a link to the offer, but it’s recommended for the offer to be given upon form submission, so people don’t have to dig in their email for your content.

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