“Twas the week before Christmas and I should be smiling…  but messages in my inbox keep piling and piling.”

If you’re like me, this is a more accurate version of the Holiday season. One could argue that more emails are sent during December than any other time of year. From shopping sales to last-minute requests from customers or clients, managing our inbox at the end of the year feels like shoveling 10 feet of snow.

So what can we do to stand out during the busy holiday season and make the digital messages we send to clients or prospective customers at the end of the year more effective? Here are three ideas:

  1. Remember WHO you’re trying to reach.

Even the Grinch knew the importance of giving a gift that was personal and relevant to each member of Whoville. We should take the same approach with our audience. Rather than sending a mass Christmas message, take the time to segment your email list and create a specific message for each group. Your message to customers should look different to prospective customers.

  1. Don’t be afraid to visit the Ghost of Christmas Past.

One of the most effective things a brand can do at the end of the year is to dig into the data and evaluate the effectiveness of their email marketing from the past year. Look closely at the actions that customers took after your last three campaigns. How does it compare to the previous months? Have your results improved since last year?

By evaluating your efforts and looking metrics like click-thrus, you’re able to know you’re your audience is interested in reading, which enables you to deliver even more tailored content next year.

  1. Make sure your emails make the Good List next year.

Having a lot of bounced emails or unsubscribes has the potential to impact whether or not your emails land in the inbox (the good list) or the spam folder (the naughty list).

While the Holidays are a noisy time of year, there are times when things are less busy at work. One way to spend your downtime is to take care of those bounced addresses and duplicate contacts. Remember, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to attracting customers and sustaining their interest.

Don’t fill your audience’s inbox with lumps of coal. My hope is that these three tips will prevent you from becoming an email Scrooge this Holiday season.