keep your leads warmEveryone looks forward to unplugging on summer vacation, but what happens when someone expresses interest in buying, by either submitting their information through your website or downloading a resource, and you just unplugged for the week?

This is a challenge every business development professional faces this time of year. So what’s the answer?

Simple: An intentional email drip series designed to keep prospects interested and engaged until your team is able to engage them.

While you would love to address every interested prospect personally, that’s incredibly difficult during the busy summer season when both salespeople and prospects are traveling on vacation. This is where an email drip series becomes an invaluable tool for keeping those interested prospects warm whether you’re in the office or not.

Email Drip Series Template

Here’s an example of a type of drip series you can create to keep leads warm:

Email #1 — Thank them for downloading your resource and drive them to other content they might be interested in reading.

Email #2 — Share a video that shows them your company understands their pain points and exists to help them solve their problems.

Email #3 — Provide a case study that highlights your ability to help them solve their specific problem.

In each of these instances, you can encourage your leads to contact you directly, if they have a specific question or want information immediately.

An automated drip series ensures that the leads you develop through inbound marketing don’t slip through the cracks. It also continues to educate leads on your unique value proposition in a way that makes the job of your sales team easier once they do contact the lead.

Learn How to Enhance Your Business Development Through Inbound Marketing

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