It’s Super Bowl week! On Sunday, over 110 million people will gather around their televisions to watch the big game. But we all know there’s one thing that has become just as synonymous with the Super Bowl as the game itselfthe commercials.

Over the past few years, the buzz around Super Bowl commercials has almost surpassed what actually happens on the field. Between the cute puppies, inspirational stories of guys driving trucks, and whatever a puppy-baby-monkey is, Super Bowl commercials can create a viral effect that increases brand exposure for weeks following the big game.

Stop Approaching Marketing Like a Super Bowl Commercial

While the popularity of Super Bowl commercials is powerful, the basic idea behind them can have a negative effect on how we think about marketing and advertising.

For example, one of the most common questions you’ll hear when discussing a marketing campaign is, “How can we make it go viral?” Like Super Bowl commercials, everyone is looking to make a big splash with their marketing campaigns.

The truth is, less than one percent of marketing and advertising campaigns ever go viral. Instead, we encourage business leaders and marketing managers to focus on doing the basics really, really well.

Instead of learning how to approach marketing from Super Bowl commercials, it’s much more beneficial to learn from the players who’ve worked tirelessly, day in and day out, executing the basic fundamentals of the game to win.

3 Ways to Win with the Basic Blocking and Tackling Marketing Methods

If you want to win the campaign or lead your team toward a greater chance of achieving your goals, here are three marketing fundamentals you must embrace:

  1. Listen intentionally to your prospective clients and customers.

While your job is to ensure that your brand’s message gets heard, one of the most effective habits you can build is actively listening to your audience. That means reading comments, emails, and tweets. It means connecting with your business development team to learn the things they’re hearing on the front lines. Actively listening is about trying to find out what your audience is thinking about, struggling with, and interested in improving.

  1. Always ask, “Does this add value to my audience?”

Good marketing teaches, inspires, and entertains. It’s not an advertisement for your brand or just some way to highlight new features. It’s a way to show that you value your audience’s time and that you want them to walk away feeling enlightened and confident after engaging with your brand than they were before.

  1. Constantly live in “idea mode.”

Marketing is changing faster than ever. Today’s marketers must know which tactics work today, but they must also keep one eye on the horizon to know about upcoming trends. Unlike the golden age of advertising, you can’t expect the same marketing tactics to work 10 years from now.  

We’d love to know: What are some of the basic blocking and tackling marketing methods you have used to win big?