Fall is here and football is back! Fans are excited, and there’s a renewed energy and optimism in the air that this could be the year.

It’s the same feeling a lot of entrepreneurs and CEOs have at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, things don’t always go the way you’d hope. Your team loses the big game, or your business development efforts don’t go as you planned. What can you do to get your team (whether it’s your football team or your marketing efforts) back on track?

In honor of football season, this post will cover a few resources that you can use to kick off your marketing efforts. What can you do today to grow your business and achieve your goals? Here are a few of our most popular resources to help you answer that question:

  1. The Top 30 Tips for Boosting Lead Generation. Struggling to generate leads? Tired of cold calling? This resource shares 30 proven ways for you to reach more prospects today.

  2. 25 Website Must-Haves for Driving Leads & Sales. Is your website actually hurting your ability to attract and convert customers? This resource unpacks everything your website needs to know.

  3. The Biz Dev’s Guide to Inbound Marketing. How do you connect inbound marketing to your current business development efforts? This resource provides four practical ways you can optimize your efforts and maximize results.

Don’t settle for another metaphorical 8-8 season… Let this be the year you take your efforts to the next level. These resources will help you put together a game plan to accelerate your marketing efforts or mount the ultimate comeback.