Account-based marketing (ABM) has captured the attention of many B2B companies looking to accelerate growth and improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. And for good reason…

As I’ve written about before, ABM enhances marketing and sales collaboration and provide a greater return on investment than other tactics. And while I’m definitely getting more questions about account-based marketing, one of the most common ones has become, “How do we go beyond all the hype and actually execute ABM campaigns?”

3 Account-based Marketing Tactics to Try in the Next 90 Days

Once you’ve taken the time to identify the accounts and think through the other foundational elements of an ABM strategy, here are three tactics you could consider if they make sense for your audience:

  • Create a multi-channel campaign targeting key decision-makers. ABM makes it easier than ever to create an “echo chamber” with potential buyers. For example, you could send a direct mail package to accounts who are showing intent and reinforce your package by driving them to a personalized landing page about your product.
  • Surprise & delight potential customers at your next trade show. Trade shows provide an incredible opportunity to surprise and delight potential customers — if you’re intentional. Ask them to an exclusive party, have a gift basket waiting for them in their hotel room, schedule time with your consulting team, or offer a meeting with an executive.
  • Invite them to be on a podcast or webinar. This is a great way to leverage the content marketing efforts you’re already investing in to build relationships with potential key accounts. People love talking about themselves. Identify something the potential customer does really well and ask if they’d be willing to share about their experiences with the audience you’ve created.

Implementing account-based marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. But it is essential to determine what is going to be most beneficial for reaching your potential customers. This will ensure you’re investing time and energy on the right tactics to reach the right people.