There’s no denying it: the future of content marketing is visual. When you consider that the average attention span for humans continues to decrease,
now 8 seconds, it’s easy to see why more businesses are investing in creating captivating visual content to grab people’s attention.

However, many brands are still struggling to find ways to integrate visual content into their marketing strategies. Whenever I talk with business leaders or marketing managers at small to mid-sized companies, one of the most common things I hear is, “We recognize visual content is important, but we just don’t have the budget that bigger companies have to invest in it.”

The good news is that new tools and resources have now made creating engaging, visual content easier and more accessible to small businesses than ever before.

3 Easy Visual Content Marketing Tactics Your Business Needs

If you haven’t invested in visual content marketing because you think you can’t afford it, here are three easy ways to get started:

  1. Use free tools to create inspiring quote cards or images. If you have an employee who can help you create engaging visual content, invest in it. If not, there are tools like Canva, Legend, and Facebook Ad tools that make creating images and videos easy for the rest of us.
  2. Provide video descriptions of your products or services. One of the most fascinating statistics from my last post was that 4 times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. Rather than writing a long description of your product, show how the product works and how real the people are who are using it.
  3. Create infographics to use on the buyer’s journey. Infographics are a great way to compress a lot of information into one medium. They’re also an incredibly effective way to capture the attention and interest of potential customers. One of the easiest ways to create visual content is to take a sales-enablement tool or eBook and turn it into an infographic using any of the free tools for creating infographics.

Like every other marketing tactic, visual content is simply another tool to help your business grow. It’s not a silver bullet. But, when you integrate these tactics into your strategy, you’ll be surprised at how it can help you reach more people, increase engagement with prospective customers, and close more business.

What are some of your favorite free visual content tools?