Let’s face it: business blogging isn’t easy. It takes commitment to create content and come up with new blog ideas on a consistent basis. It takes critical thinking to truly understand what type of content your potential customers want to read. And many times, it takes A LOT longer than you expect to start gaining any traction. With all of these difficulties, it’s no wonder that 95% of businesses abandon their blog.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was a way to eliminate a lot of the guesswork of blogging?

One of the biggest reasons businesses abandon their blog is because they simply run out of ideas. It’s easy to feel behind when you’re constantly asking, “What should we write about this week?”

3 Easy Ways to Never Run Out of Blog Ideas for Your Business

In order to help eliminate some of the guesswork of blogging, here are three sources of constant inspiration for new content:

1. Talk to a Customer

Every customer has a story. They are the hero in that story. Your brand is the guide that helps them achieve their goals. One of the best ways to create engaging content that captures attention is to tell the stories of your customers in a way that celebrates them and makes them sound like a hero. Not only does this build brand equity, it also incites interest from potential customers who want to be heroes as well.

2. Answer Questions People Really Want to Know

One of the best ways to earn trust and attention is to provide answers to the questions and challenges potential customers are facing. Note: It’s important to answer questions people really want to know, not what you think they want to know.

Ask potential customers about their biggest challenges, and provide helpful advice on your blog. Tell a stranger what you do, and see what questions they ask. These are two invaluable sources of blog inspiration.

3. Become a Curator of Valuable Ideas

One of the biggest misconceptions about blogging is that you have to be the one that creates all of the valuable content. As a result, you rack your brain for those “mind-blowing ideas” that will capture people’s attention. That’s a lot of pressure.

Rather than always feeling like you have to create the next great TED talk or inspiring manifesto, become a curator of valuable ideas. Read books or attend events and share what you learn. Study a company that is doing innovative things, and highlight lessons from what they do well.

Regardless of which strategy you deploy, remember that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. The most important thing is consistency. Don’t give up too soon before you have the chance to experience the success of building strong, long-term relationships with current and potential customers.

What are some business blogs you follow that we can all learn from when it comes to creating valuable content?