This post was originally posted as part of the Nashville Business Journal’s Social Madness Series.

There are a lot of similarities between content marketing and working out. Both take hard work. Both take time. And in the end, both lead to longer, healthier lives — for you and for your business.

Here are three Nashville businesses that are rocking at content marketing (and will help you get a rockin’ body):

1. Barry’s Boot Camp does a great job using their blog to provide content that is both helpful and entertaining. They blog about anything from healthy recipes to playlists that help motivate you during a workout. They understand that the best way to keep their audience engaged is to be consistent in the diversity of their content.

Lesson: Find a healthy balance of providing informative and entertaining content. Your customers or clients love to be inspired just as much as they are educated.

2. MissionPoint Health is a nonprofit organization founded by Saint Thomas Health. Their Pinterest page does a great job of using visual content to provide followers with health tips, recipes, and infographics about health-related issues. They understand that people respond more to visual content than a 500-word blog post. As a result, the content they post is shared more often. I think this one is a hidden gem. Definitely, a must follow.

Lesson: Consider how your brand might use visual content (i.e. – videos, infographics, images) to capture the attention of your audience.

3. Nashville B-Cycle is a great example of how to find the balance between providing helpful content with calls-to-action, which is another important aspect of successful content marketing. It’s what Gary Vaynerchuk refers to as the “jab, jab, jab, right hook.” Nashville BCycle does a great job of providing tons of useful content that varies from healthy biking tips to info on local events that will get you moving. They also know when to promote their product by giving out new station updates and retweeting tweets from happy Nashville BCycle customers.

Lesson: As you continue to share helpful content for fans and followers, don’t forget to provide a “right hook” every once in a while.

In the same way that working out improves your overall health, content marketing can improve the overall health of your business. As digital marketing becomes more prevalent, the companies who will outgrow all others will be those that understand permission marketing as a way to generate leads and grow the business. Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective tactics in earning attention, and thus, improving the overall health of your business.