When it comes to setting up a social media game plan, one of the most frequent questions I get is, “Who should be involved in managing our inbound marketing?”

social media playbook

It’s easy for some business leaders to toss all of the responsibilities to a social media manager and expect them to take the ball and run. However, if you really want to be successful in implementing a social media strategy, it takes a team approach. Setting up a social media strategy is a lot like football. It takes an entire team of coaches, play-callers and players to win the game.

When it comes to implementing your social media playbook, here are a few key roles that should be involved:

The coaches: These are the people responsible for making sure your social media efforts are integrating with your overall marketing efforts. Social media is an extension of your traditional marketing tactics and your coaches help ensure that everything you’re doing fits into the overall game plan. This could be a chief marketing officer, vice president of marketing, marketing team or agency.

The play-callers: These are the people who create the plan, from doing the initial research to developing the messaging and measuring the results. Again, it’s important to get people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to developing a social media strategy. This could be an outside agency or a group of people within the organization who understand social media, but won’t be handling the daily responsibilities. Social marketing is not as easy as just creating a page. There is a science and an art to this marketing tool.

The players: Finally, the players are the “doers,” the ones who carry out the social media strategy day-to-day. The players are responsible for the daily interaction with your fans and followers. It could be a full-time social media manager, a group of people responsible for managing social media or an outside agency or consultant.

Without a head coach, there’s no direction. Without the play-callers, there’s no way for the players to know what to do. Without the players, there’s no one to drive the ball down the field.

The first step in planning for social media success is creating a team of people who are going to be in the game and define what everyone’s role is going to be. Everyone has an important role in your brand’s social media strategy. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep score and figure out how you’re going to win the game.

Does your organization take a team approach to your social media game plan? How has it paid off?