Having synergy between sales and marketing is among the most valuable things you can do for your business. According to this report, companies with good sales and marketing alignment achieved 20% annual revenue growth.

However, we all know that kind of harmonious relationship doesn’t always exist. It can be difficult to get your sales and marketing teams on the same page. But, before we start pointing fingers, let’s identify some of the potential gaps that could be impacting the relationship between sales and marketing.

3 Ways Marketing Drives Sales Crazy (and How to Avoid Them)

After hundreds of conversations with business leaders in almost every industry, here are three universal reasons that marketing can drive salespeople crazy.

  1. Ignoring Insights from the Sales Process—No one has better insights into the buying process than your sales team. They know the type of prospects who are most likely to buy and which buying signs lead to sales. They also know the common sticking points in the sales process. For marketers, it’s important to ask the right questions and pay attention to these insights to make sure you’re passing over quality leads of prospects that match the ideal prospect.
  2. Neglecting to Pass Along Valuable Information—In today’s digital world, your marketing team has access to incredibly valuable information about the prospects your sales team is engaging. You can track what pages they visit on your website, what types of content they download, and how long they spent on your website. All of this information is incredibly valuable for your sales team to know. Whenever you’re passing along an inbound lead, try and eliminate as much guesswork as possible.
  3. Failing to Help Sales Create Tools that will Help them be Successful—Sales enablement should be a critical part of your marketing efforts. Marketing’s content, campaigns, and personalized communications can help sales as much as it drives external leads. It’s important to always look for ways to support sales by creating sales-enablement tools your team can actually use.

Taking time to align your sales and marketing teams isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly worth it.