One of the primary objectives of marketing is to drive the perception people have when they think about your brand. Traditionally, that has happened through things like advertising, trade shows, social media, etc.

However, in today’s world, every employee is a representative of your brand. LinkedIn data, for instance, shows that on average, employees have 10 times the reach of their employer’s LinkedIn company page. Your employees have the ability to influence the perception of your brand in ways traditional marketing tactics never could. So, essentially, everyone in your company has a marketing role.

4 Marketing Questions Everyone in Your Company Should Know How to Answer

If everyone is a part of marketing in some way, the question becomes—how do you equip employees to be effective in their roles?

Whenever I meet with a business leader or marketing manager, here are four marketing-related questions I encourage them to make sure everyone in the organization knows how to answer:

  1. Why does your company exist? As author Simon Sinek famously put it, “People don’t by what you do, they buy why you do it.” When your employees can explain the reason your company exists to people they meet, they’ll likely stand out from everyone else who typically answers with what they do.
  2. Who are you best equipped to serve? More than likely, you have a “sweet spot” for the types of organizations or individuals you serve. Helping your employees define your ideal customer will help them frame conversations they have with acquaintances. It will also provide a filter for any potential new business opportunities they provide, which we all know is extremely helpful when your sales team needs to focus on having conversations with the right prospects.
  3. What makes your company different than anyone else? Determining your unique value proposition is important—making sure your employees know it is even more important. Anybody can list their products and services, but understanding what makes your company different is a great way to help employees tell your story in a way that separates yourself from your competition.
  4. How have you made a difference in the lives of your customers, clients, or beneficiaries? You might know hundreds of stories from customers who’ve benefited from your product or services. However, does everyone in your company know them? Making sure your employees know the impact you’re making not only boosts morale, it also equips them to share examples and results with people they know. If you’re struggling to identify a specific example, ask yourself, “What is a day in the life of our customer like before we serve them? What is it like afterward?”

Once you take the time to answer these questions, how do you make sure everyone knows them? This is the challenging part, and it depends on the unique culture of your organization. You might consider hosting a lunch to cover the questions and provide every employee with a one-sheeter to post at their desk. You might shoot a series of short videos you distribute internally to your team. The important part is making sure you’re constantly working to integrate the mentality that everyone has a role in marketing across your organization.