For most B2B businesses, marketing’s primary role is to generate leads for sales. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work. Some businesses don’t have the budget to hire a full-time marketing person. Other businesses might have a marketing team, but the lead pipeline dries up.

What do you do when this happens and the lifeblood of your business dries up? What if you don’t have a marketing department or your marketing isn’t generating leads?

Sometimes, it’s up to sales teams to generate their own leads, and I know what you’re thinking…no, cold calling isn’t going to be on the list.

4 Simple Ways Sales Teams Can Start Generating Their Own Leads

Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years to help business development professionals start generating their own leads while we get their marketing efforts up and running:

  1. Get referrals from your raving fans. When was the last time you reached out to a happy customer and asked for help in generating more business? Taking the opportunity to leverage the equity you’ve built with a current customer is an easy way to generate conversations with people who know you do quality work.
  2. Don’t just attend a networking event, add value. Attending networking events should be part of your routine because they’re a great way to generate leads. But don’t try to close the deal at the event. Instead, focus on building relationships that lead to deals.
  3. Revisit old opportunities you didn’t win. These leads already know your business. Taking time to consider why you lost the sale and consider a different approach could generate some quick wins for you and your team.
  4. Leverage LinkedIn by Offering Free Consultations. LinkedIn is a great way to get in front of potential prospects and add value. You can publish an article or regularly engage with posts from others. But, you can also use it as a channel to offer free consultations. This is something I always notice on LinkedIn.

If you’re in a season where leads have dried up, don’t fret. Get out and generate new ones. My hope is that these tactics will help generate some quick wins this quarter and create momentum for the rest of the year.