The bandwagon effect might sound like an outdated marketing tactic, but it still plays out in hundreds of different ways today. It’s part of those brands everyone raves about—Shake Shack, Allbirds shoes, and direct-to-your-doorstep mattresses. It’s become a staple for those brands we see everywhere, such as Starbucks, Amazon, and light beer.

No matter how it plays out, the bandwagon effect has a powerful impact on the ways we perceive brands and make buying decisions. Knowing this, the question becomes, “How can you leverage it to expand your reach and grow your business?”

How to Create a Bandwagon Effect Around Your Brand

Here are a few simple ways you can use the principles from the bandwagon effect to boost conversions and increase interest in your products or services:

  1. Highlight metrics and numbers if you’ve got them.

One of the most effective ways to leverage the bandwagon effect to boost your conversions is by showcasing metrics and numbers that highlight the impact your brand has made.

Have you helped an outrageous number of people as a business? Is there a certain amount of time you’ve helped customers save with your product or service?

When you highlight the fact that a certain number of people use your product or service, you are tacitly establishing the number of people who endorse your product.

  1. Leverage testimonials and reviews on specific pages of your website.

Every potential customer is very curious about what others think about your brand. Helping them scratch that out by providing testimonials from current customers is a great way to leverage the bandwagon effect. What do your customers really think about your product or service? If they were to rate their experience, what will they rate it? If it’s positive, don’t be afraid to showcase it on your website.

  1. Find a trusted spokesperson to promote your brand.

Using a celebrity or thought leader has been a way to create a bandwagon effect since the 1700s. But, even if Justin Bieber isn’t available, there are numerous ways to do this: you can highlight the fact that a celebrity uses your product, or you can highlight any other form of connection with a respected figure in your industry.

  1. Be intentional, but not predictable, with your digital strategies.

In many ways, digital marketing has become the most effective way for creating a bandwagon effect. But, if you want to stand out, you’ve got to do something different than what everyone else is doing. Bottom line: Create content that stands out.

The bandwagon effect has been observed in everything from politics to public policy to marketing. And, while you might not be trying to reach the entire U.S. population with your brand, there are ways to leverage the principles behind it to reach the segment of people who might be interested in buying your product or service.