Blogs have been a popular marketing tactic for more than a decade now. And, while you’ll notice some trends are changing, several things remain the same. B2B companies with a blog receive more leads than those that don’t. Blogging still has tremendous SEO benefits and helps businesses increase brand awareness.

However, a lot of marketers and business leaders I meet feel like their blog is “stuck.” Some aren’t seeing as much activity as they did a few years ago. Others are simply interested in trying new strategies for reaching their audience. Regardless of the reason, we love having conversations with leaders who are looking for new ways to take their content marketing efforts to the next level.

5 Simple Ways to Take Your Blog Posts to the Next Level in 2018

If you are looking to enhance the blog posts you’re creating for your business, here are a few simple ideas to consider:

  • Revisit old blog posts. If your business has changed at all over the past ten years, it’s likely the way you talk about your brand has evolved. Taking the time to go back and update some of your most popular pieces is a great way to revisit popular content and integrate the new messaging that aligns with your brand.
  • Reinforce a popular blog post by turning it into a series. If you notice a particular blog post or topic seems to be resonating with people, consider how you can continue the conversation by turning it into a series. What other questions or ideas are connected with that topic? How can you dig deeper into the issue that seems to be resonating with people?
  • Rephrase your posts and see what sticks. A great way to optimize your blog strategy is to syndicate your post under different titles throughout. This allows you to see what blog content sticks with people and what doesn’t. Having a tool that manages and measures your social media activity is a great resource for identifying what messages resonate most with your audience.
  • Reference popular posts in guest blogging opportunities. Linking back to your popular posts is a great way to increase the number of impressions whenever you have the opportunity to write for another outlet or industry blog. Not only is this a simple way to increase the visibility of the post, it’s also a powerful way to increase the post’s page authority for SEO purposes.  

Blogging is a marketing tactic that demands constant refinement. We hope these five ideas provided you with at least one helpful strategy you can use to improve your blog posts throughout the rest of the year.