When COVID-19 began to take over the country, we discussed shifting your messaging to align with the social climate. The pandemic launched a complete shift in the way that companies all over the country engaged with their customers and clients. But now, as businesses are reopening, how do you transition your marketing? 

Do we shift our strategy back to normal and go back to the way things were before COVID-19 affected us? The problem with normal is that it doesn’t exist. One of the many valuable lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic is that we have to keep our fingers on the world’s pulse. Whatever’s happening to our audience (and us, too) must be considered when planning a messaging strategy and marketing plan. 

So, let’s talk about how you can shift your messaging strategy (again), now that businesses are reopening. 

Be Transparent and Authentic 

As businesses open, your audience will range from being excited that they can visit again to terrified that coronavirus numbers will spike again. Keep that in mind as you craft your messaging. Instead of a message with the tone “We’re open!” let your audience know that you’re open, but also include messaging about what you’re doing to keep them safe. 

Your transparency and authenticity are what will gain their trust. Let them know that you understand what they’re feeling and that you’ll do everything you can to serve them. 

Make Hours and Logistics Easy to Find

Part of your marketing plan will include informing your audience about changes to your operations (again). Now that you’re reopening, what are your hours? How can they buy from you? Are there any changes to your day-to-day operations that they need to know (e.g., mask requirements)? Send this information through social media, email, and your website to ensure that the maximum number of people is up to date.

Consider Content that Will Be the Most Helpful

Reevaluate your content to cover topics that your audience would be most interested in now. Take a step back and ask yourself, as a customer or client, what you would be wondering about in relation to your industry. For example, you can write about how you’re keeping customers safe, how they can return to normalcy while still social distancing, how to encourage those around them, or how to support their community. 

Those are just a few examples of general topics that can be molded to fit your audience and industry. You should also consider conducting fresh keyword research to learn more about what your audience is looking for. Brainstorm with your marketing team on other topics that your readers may find helpful or interesting. 

Be Creative and Positive

Note that creativity and positivity in marketing do not equate to being unaware of the pandemic’s effects. However, you can keep your audience’s worries in mind without focusing on the negative side of the situation. Rather than looking away from the situation, you can instead focus on what you’re doing to help, what you’ve learned, and how you plan to come out of this time stronger than when you came in. 

Think Ahead 

We are all forever changed by the pandemic. We’ve learned new lessons, changed our perspectives, and are still uncertain about what our “new normal” looks like. Consider what your audience will be doing, thinking, and feeling as they move forward. You can use yourself or your team examples. Are you ready to begin taking day trips? Do you still have more screen time at home than before? Are you spending more time outside? 

Learning more about your audience’s new behaviors can give you insight into what lies ahead. Try conducting market research via social media and survey campaigns to understand their habits and expectations. 

With a marketing team on your side, you could focus wholly on your core business functions while a team of experts continually ensures that your messaging fits the current social climate. Contact Green Apple Strategy to begin your consultation.