Welcome to our Orchard House

The Orchard House is a place designed to help you and your business flourish.

From the very beginning, our team at Green Apple Strategy has always looked for creative opportunities to help businesses grow. The Orchard House is the latest idea to sprout from that endeavor.

What is The Orchard House?

Located in Historic Downtown Franklin, Tennessee, The Orchard House is a creative meeting and entertaining space intentionally designed to help organizations gather and grow.

How can The Orchard House help your business grow?

Whether you’re looking for a space to host your next retreat, brainstorming session, team training, presentation, or meeting, The Orchard House is the ideal environment to help you and your business flourish.

The Green Apple Strategy team is also available to host a variety of strategic planning and learning sessions for your team at The Orchard House.

Take a tour of The Orchard House and view the space amenities here.

Looking for a place to work, meet, learn, or network? Discover the space you need to grow at The Orchard House. Visit The Orchard House website to learn more or to book the space today!