Let’s face it—we live in a world that’s noisier than ever. In fact, some researchers have found that the average person is exposed to as many as 3,000 advertisements in a single day. Between the television, radio, billboards, social media, our phones, computers, podcasts, and even ads in the bathroom, there’s no denying that we spend our days being bombarded by advertising messages.

How to Create a Marketing Campaign that Rises Above the Noise

Living in a world that’s noisier than ever can make it difficult for businesses to stand out. So, how do you rise above the noise and create a marketing campaign that actually captures the attention of your intended audience? Here are a few characteristics of campaigns that stand out:

1. It communicates what we’re all secretly thinking.

The best marketing campaigns are built around a pain point everyone has but are not always discussing. Dollar Shave Club is a company that excels at these kinds of campaigns. The reason they found such success wasn’t because of their pricing. It was because their founders came together over a common complaint: People were tired of expensive razors with cool features. They just wanted a simple tool that helped them create a clean face.

2. It’s personal and relevant.

The best marketing campaigns tell a story in a way in which consumers can see themselves in it. It creates a personal experience for everyone who sees it. For example, Airwick created this kind of personal experience through a quiz-style campaign, Scent Decorator, which allowed people to identify their “perfect scent” by answering a few short questions.

3. It must be original.

It’s almost impossible to duplicate a viral marketing campaign. Companies who try similar tactics to position their brand in a related way will be ignored in favor of the first to have done it. If you’re thinking about copying a marketing campaign to capture attention—don’t. Find a way to be original, and create something that’s unique for your brand.