plants sprouting in soilFor most brands, marketing’s role focuses on increasing brand awareness, creating new leads, and then passing them to sales. But smart marketers know that it’s more cost-effective to renew business with an existing customer than to acquire a new lead. The most successful companies don’t just focus their marketing efforts on acquiring new customers; they are intentional about transforming customers into raving fans of their brand. 

But, how do you convert someone from a customer to a brand advocate? The good news is that you continue to use many of the tactics that led them to become customers in the first place. 

3 Marketing Tactics to Continue with Customers to Increase Retention

Here are three marketing tactics you can use to keep customers engaged beyond the initial sale, improve their experience, and ultimately increase the retention rates of your customers.

1. Keep gathering and sharing insights with your customer experience team.

More than likely, people aren’t going to stop consuming your resources when they become customers. Hopefully, they’ll be more interested in the thought leadership you’re sharing with the industry. 

Keeping track of the various ways customers continue to engage, and then sharing that information with their account owner can be a valuable way to increase stickiness or identify potential upsell opportunities. 

2. Continue to engage customers in personal and relevant ways.

Gathering information on what types of content customers are consuming also enables you to create personal and relevant content that helps your customers succeed. Engaging clients with something more personal than a random e-newsletter helps show that you are mindful of their goals and care about their specific challenges. This can foster a tremendous amount of trust and respect for your brand.

3. Make customers feel really smart and supported.

All customers want to feel like they’re successful and respected—whether it’s with their boss or within the industry. What can you do to support that work? How can you amplify their success? Maybe you could start an exclusive “tribe” of peers in the industry to collaborate on specific challenges. Or, you could do something more simple like sharing exclusive insights about trends that are happening in your industry.

Your marketing team is on the front lines when it comes to facilitating the perception that customers have about your brand. This shouldn’t stop once the purchase is made or the contract is signed. Focusing a portion of your time and attention on the customer experience will pay huge dividends for the long-term growth and success of your company.