Effective content matters and connects with your readers. Efficient content can be produced quickly and shared on multiple platforms. Which one is better, and do you have to sacrifice one for the other?

One of the biggest challenges for content and social media marketers today is figuring out the balance. Can you have effective and efficient content? Yes, if you plan ahead and think strategically. Consistency matters when it comes to blogging, tweeting or whatever you are doing to connect with your audience through online platforms.

So, how can you make the most of your time, create not only great content but also content that matters and touches many?

1. Develop a content calendar. The most important rule is to think strategically and build a calendar. One must plan and think ahead in order to be effective and efficient in their content marketing. When you create a content calendar for the upcoming quarter or year, you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to share each day as you have already thought through it.

Think about all of the events, product launches, and promotions that are coming up and plan your topics month by month. Also, research happenings in your industry and develop topics that your audiences want to read about. It’s smart to write the actual content as close to the publish date as possible. And always take note of what is going on in the world or industry before sending to the masses. Is this topic still relevant?

2. Utilize evergreen content that will never grow old. A timely tweet may last for a day, but evergreen content may last for two years. While it’s important to share timely, relevant content, don’t forget to mix in evergreen content that you can always use. Some great examples include client testimonials, employee features, a video or photos that document your products or services.

3. Schedule monthly, engage daily. Scheduling your content in advance helps you maintain consistency, but engaging daily helps you maintain relevancy. Many brands use schedule links, abandon their post for the majority of the day, and then come back disappointed at the progress. Responding to the human beings in your online community and treating them like real people cannot be scheduled.

Content marketing isn’t about how fast, cheap, and often you can communicate to your audience, it’s about what you accomplish once you’ve gained their attention. It’s about being effective, not efficient. If you want to overcome the challenge of finding the balance between consistency and relevancy, these three tips will help you establish a foundation for effectiveness.

This post was originally featured in the Business Journals online publication.