Remember when your mom didn’t have a Facebook page? Or your grandmother asked, “What is Tweeter?” Those were the days…

Today, social media is a multi-generational phenomenon. In 2005, only 5% of Americans used social media. Twelve years later, that number has increased to 81%. And while social media usage has continued to rise, the truth is that how each generation uses social media is drastically different. Knowing those differences is crucial for using social media to effectively connect with each generation.

How to Effectively Use Social Media Marketing with Each Generation

A few weeks ago, I ran across an interesting infographic from Hubspot that broke down how different generations are using social media. Today, I wanted to highlight a few of the most interesting statistics and what they mean for your marketing efforts:

1. Generation Z (13-19)

The Facts:

  • 25% of them left Facebook in 2014.
  • 32% say Instagram is their favorite platform.
  • Their average attention span is 8 seconds.

Takeaway: More than likely, if you’re using Facebook to engage Generation Z, you’re wasting your time. Whenever creating content, think visual. You’ve got to be able to capture their attention quickly.

2. Millennials (20-35)

The Facts:

  • Millennials believe that user-generated content is 50% more trustworthy than branded imagery.
  • 87% of Millennials use Facebook, and they have the highest number of friends of any generation.
  • Only 43% want brands to reach out to them via email.

Takeaway: Finding ways to cultivate user-generated content and sharing on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to build trust and connection with this generation. Don’t talk about your company. Find people who are talking about your company, and share what they’re saying.

3. Generation X (36-49)

The Facts:

  • 36% of Pinterest pinners are between 30-44.
  • 23% of online shoppers are Gen X.
  • 40% of Gen X prefers viewing online content on laptops.

Takeaway: As the spending of this generation continues to rise, make it easy for them to find your brand online, connect with your brand, and purchase your products.

4. Baby Boomers (50-65)

The Facts:

  • 84% of Baby Boomers have a Facebook account.
  • 58% visit a company’s website after encountering your brand on social media.

Takeaway: Facebook has become an increasingly popular platform for engaging the Baby Boomer generation. They’ll also dig a little bit deeper to learn more about your brand, if you can capture their attention on social media.

What were some of the most fascinating statistics for you?