Every business needs a marketing strategy. But, every good business leader knows that a strategy without the proper systems to support it is just pretty words on a page. If you truly want your marketing efforts to work, you must develop a system that supports your strategy.

The challenge is creating a marketing system that is scalable. In many cases, the things that got you where you are today won’t get you where you want to go.

So, how do you develop a marketing system that meets your current needs but can also grow with your business?  

How to Develop a Marketing System that Supports Any Size Business

Whenever I work with business leaders to create a marketing strategy for their businesses, here are a few principles I always use to make sure they have a system in place that can support any size business:

  • Focus on Your Overall Strategy, Not Individual Tactics. When most businesses say their marketing strategy isn’t working, what they typically mean is that the tactics aren’t effective. It’s only after you’ve defined an overarching strategy that you should decide which kinds of tools and processes might be deployed to achieve it.
  • Consider the Customer Journey. All marketing efforts must be built around the concept of the customer journey. When you understand how your customers buy and what they’re expecting to achieve at each stage, you’re able to build a marketing system that exceeds their expectations along the way and creates happy, lifelong customers.
  • Regularly Evaluate the Roles, Needs, & Opportunities. As your company grows, your marketing team should evolve. Taking the time to evaluate the greatest weaknesses, needs, and opportunities of your team is important to make sure your team isn’t overworked or under-resourced.

A good marketing system is structured, but it’s never stagnant. Whether you’re a brand-new startup or experiencing growing pains of a business, you should constantly evaluate whether the system you have in place is solid enough to support your marketing strategy.