Madi-Ballou-Green-Apple-StrategyGreen Apple Strategy is elated to announce Madi Ballou’s promotion to Digital Marketing Specialist. We love seeing members of our team grow and explore new passions, and Madi is the perfect example, as she moves from client relations to digital marketing. Our team is thrilled to watch her take on this next challenge in her career.

Madi’s Time with Green Apple

Madi joined the Green Apple team in 2018 as Marketing Account Coordinator before being promoted in August of 2019 to Assistant Client Relations Specialist. Along the way, Madi found a passion for SEO, website analytics, and all things digital marketing. As she began to feel herself naturally moving toward digital marketing, Madi began filling her time with research. 

“Once I took over reporting for all clients, I became even more intrigued by digital marketing and began taking courses to learn more about Google Analytics and its capabilities. At that point, I was sold!” Madi explained. 

Madi has since immersed herself in learning everything she can about digital strategies, and she’s been educating our team with what she’s learned along the way. “There’s so much information available to us on social media marketing, SEO optimization, and current marketing trends. It’s vital that we keep up with it to stay ahead of the curve,” she said.

A Time of Growth and Development

Attributing her career growth to support and mentorship, Madi is grateful to have a close-knit team that takes every opportunity to lift each other up. “The Green Apple team is a tight-knit, capable, and motivated group that truly leans on one another to complete the goals that we share as a company and as individuals,” Madi noted. “I am also thankful to have a boss who has so much industry experience and wants her team to reach each of our personal and professional goals,” she adds.

When asked how her perspective on marketing has changed since joining the team, Madi replied, “Marketing is an ever-changing, constantly-evolving entity and there are so many amazing ways to market a company based on industry and target audience. I love that each strategy is unique to each client that we have. It really lets us showcase our creativity and willingness to think outside the box.” 

Looking to the Future

Samantha Pyle, Green Apple’s Owner and Chief Marketing Strategist, is fiercely proud of Madi’s continued growth. “Her commitment to finding new, innovative ways to support our clients is just one of the many qualities that makes Madi an outstanding team member. I am beyond proud of her growth on our team and know that wonderful things lie ahead.”

Madi’s current focus as the Digital Marketing Specialist will be to continue to learn and implement strategies for channels, such as local and onsite SEO, paid advertising campaigns, reporting, and more. For her next career goal, Madi strives to become a Digital Marketing Strategist. We look forward to watching Madi’s future in digital marketing flourish.