Today I had the opportunity to present at the PRSA Nashville monthly meeting on “Preventing a Social Media Nightmare” along with Stephen Zralek, copyright and social media attorney at Bone McAllester Norton.

For the past 100 years public relations professionals have known what it’s like to deal with nightmares….

However, today’s PR professionals have to deal with a whole new realm of potential nightmares that didn’t exist for our predecessors’… social media. Everyone’s familiar with the change social media has made to the way brands market their products and services, but as PR professionals, we see things through a much more refined lens.

Here are three ways social media has impacted the way PR professionals manage social media crisis:

1. Social media is being used for good during natural disasters and crises. 

2. Social media has caused the crisis.

3. Social media has added fuel to make the crisis even worse. 

In case you missed it… here our presentation from today’s meeting with examples of each of the potential social media nightmares that PR professionals face:

Do you have any other examples? What are some of your favorites?