Never wanting to miss out on new and fun opportunities, Haley Wells is proud to join the Green Apple team as a summer intern. Providing a wide variety of project assistance and an overall fresh perspective for all members of the Green Apple team, Haley has proven herself indispensable since diving into her role in February of 2018. Haley serves as a resourceful research guru by pulling the most relevant and important information on different topics that helps the Green Apple team produce superior work for our clients.

Born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee, Haley graduated from Page High School in May of 2018, where she played on the volleyball team all four years. As a student, Haley’s interest in the marketing industry stems from taking several marketing-focused courses and being a member of DECA, where she competed nationally with other high school students in various marketing role play scenarios.

To gain some valuable career experience, Haley took on a part-time role with Bed, Bath, & Beyond, where she served in various roles from working on the floor, handling the registers, providing customer service, stocking, and inventory. All of these roles helped Haley learn how to communicate with different types of people through all walks of life, as well as learning how different areas of business are structured. Haley also had the opportunity to take on a work-based learning role at Page High School’s Snack Shack, where she did inventory and advertising. This opportunity taught Haley about how advertising can affect business profits.

 As a Green Apple intern, Haley sits on as many meetings as possible to understand all aspects of a full-service marketing agency. Not only is Haley providing the Green Apple team with valuable help and information, but her role is also preparing her for her college journey that will begin in August of 2018. Haley will be attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where she will be majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in Communications. “After taking marketing classes in high school for three years, I enjoyed learning about advertising and other marketing topics. Because of that, I wants to continue my educational journey in the marketing field to learn more,” says Haley.

 What has Haley learned so far from her time at Green Apple? She says, “I’m having real, hand-on experiences in the marketing industry, and because of this, I will hopefully be able to better relate to my college courses.” Haley’s favorite project so far has been participating in a client event-planning project that was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. “It was so valuable and rewarding to see how the event evolved to the client’s delight and to witness all the hard work and planning come to life before my eyes,” affirms Haley. She’s also proud of learning what she calls the “1,000,000 marketing acronyms” (SEO, PPC, etc.) that she didn’t know existed. Green Apple can verify that Haley can now speak the marketing language quite fluently.

 On a personal note, Haley cherishes quality time with her family and friends. She’ll never grow tired of volleyball, and you can find her diving into the latest thriller book or bingeing on a popular Netflix series (her current obsession is “13 Reasons Why”). Haley is excited about summer, and she plans to be outside swimming and enjoying warm weather when she’s not on the job. The Green Apple team can’t wait to see how Haley’s marketing journey will play out. Who knows…maybe she’ll make her way back to Green Apple one day!