Mar'Shun Oliver 2022Becoming an effective digital marketing professional requires a unique combination of technical and analytical skills. It also requires creativity to generate new ideas and opportunities. Those are the exact words we would use to describe Mar’Shun Oliver. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Mar’Shun is responsible for a wide range of responsibilities, including maintaining the SEO ranking of websites, reporting on analytics, updating social media, and managing many of the other tasks that clients need to support their digital marketing strategies.  

As a native of Birmingham, Alabama, Mar’Shun graduated from the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Marketing in 2019. He worked in a variety of roles and industries before getting connected with Green Apple through fellow Birmingham native and digital marketing strategist Amanda Bihun. After meeting Amanda and the rest of the Green Apple team, Mar’Shun knew this would be the perfect opportunity to learn from other experts and work with a variety of clients across multiple industries. 

“What I like about digital marketing is that it forces you to be creative and analytical at the same time,” Mar’Shun explained. “At Green Apple, we are constantly testing new strategies to improve results for our company and our clients. I love the challenge of developing data-driven approaches to find creative solutions that produce results.” 

In his free time, Mar’Shun enjoys spending time with family, working out, or editing videos and podcasts.