Sophie PerezSophie Perez is the Content Marketing Intern at Green Apple Strategy. She, alongside fellow intern Haley Wells, has dedicated her time to researching local SEO strategies and practices, while also contributing her skills in social media content planning, posting, and writing.

Despite being born in Boulder, Colorado, Sophie did most of her growing up in Nashville, Tennessee. She is currently a student at Boston University, where she studies advertising. Sophie first realized she enjoyed marketing and communications when she founded a club at BU called the BU Food Engineers, where she got first-hand experience with social media management and marketing efforts to promote club events.

What Sophie enjoys most about working at Green Apple Strategy is how hands-on it is. She was searching for a company that valued the work they did and the people they work with, as well as a company that would teach her the ins and outs of the industry. She feels that she has already learned so much from her time at Green Apple.

“I knew with Green Apple that my internship wouldn’t just be coffee runs and grunt work, and I have appreciated every task I’ve been given because each one has taught me something new about the industry.” Ultimately, before starting her internship, she was most looking forward to the way that the Green Apple team interacts both internally and externally. Oh, and Jack and Charlie were also an easy lure!

Sophie is very creative and enjoys diving into projects. She enjoys writing, as well as working with visuals and brand elements. She looks forward to being able to contribute to the team through written work, research, big picture brainstorming, and social content. She is eager to learn how she can use her skills and interests within this field and what aspects of the industry she is drawn to.

Outside the office, Sophie spends a lot of time outdoors at local parks. While she’s home for the summer, she’s been spending as much time as possible with friends and family and soaking up as much live music in Nashville as possible. In her free time, Sophie likes to work on numerous creative projects. The big project for this summer is mastering embroidery, but there are always a few other creations happening on the side.