If there’s one thing that’s consistent about marketing in today’s digital age, it’s that it is always evolving. Our world is changing faster than ever, and each evolution impacts what it takes to earn the trust and attention of prospective customers. What worked in 1990 won’t work today. In fact, some of the strategies that worked in early 2017 are already outdated.

So how can you identify which marketing mindsets might be holding you back?

You Might Have an Out-of-Date View of Marketing If…

If you find yourself embracing these five ideas, it might be a sign that your concept of marketing is out-of-date:

1. You think a new website home page will solve all your marketing challenges.

While it’s true that your homepage is still the front door of your website, it’s no longer the single most important page for most companies. Optimizing your homepage to make it easy for people to take the appropriate next step is important. But you’re not going to effectively sell to someone by trying to fit everything about your company on the homepage.

2. Your marketing and sales teams are completely siloed.

In the past, marketing and sales could both get away without talking to each other. Marketing would focus on brand awareness, while sales would implement their own strategies for business. Today’s challenges and complex selling environments require the two teams to work together. Aligning your sales and marketing teams isn’t always easy, but it’s essential for optimizing your ability to grow your business.

3. You write off social media and content marketing because you don’t think it impacts the bottom line.

Too often, business leaders and CEOs think social media and content marketing are a waste of time because they don’t directly lead to sales. What they often don’t understand is that the content you create today generates long-term traffic that—at the right volumes and as part of a bigger content strategy—will result in future sales. Social media and content marketing are top-of-the-funnel tactics, and they’re incredibly effective for the long-game approach of earning trust and attention in today’s increasingly noisy world.

4. You’re talking more about your company than your customers or their challenges.

Modern marketers know that, if all you do is talk about your own company, you’ll repel people instead of attracting them. Rather than talking about how great your company is on your blog or social media, focus on your current and potential customers. What makes them awesome? What challenges are they facing and how can you help overcome them? What questions are they asking in which you can provide answers?

5. You think publishing a press release every week will drive more leads.

In the same way talking about your company will only repel customers, focusing on press releases as a primary way to earn attention is more than likely a waste of time. Public companies often do press releases, because the market expects them, however, small and medium-sized businesses should limit releases to things that are truly valuable and interesting.

Keeping up with constantly evolving marketing trends can be overwhelming. And while there are still tried-and-true principles that work, we must be willing to let go of many of the traditional marketing mindsets from decades ago.