Green Apple Strategy is excited to announce Olivia Cooper’s promotion to Senior Client Relations Specialist. We are bursting with pride for Olivia’s accomplishments during her time with us and love watching her grow. To celebrate her newest achievement, we’re taking a look at Olivia’s role at Green Apple and what makes her such an asset to our team and our clients. 

Olivia’s Time with Green Apple 

After finishing graduate school in 2018, Olivia joined the Green Apple team. Having gone back to school to further her education in marketing, she was out to discover her role in the industry. With luck, she soon found herself in our office as an account executive. “I sought out roles in the industry that require my skills, and in this role, I’ve found a home!” Her unwavering drive and genuine care for clients fueled her promotion to Client Relations Specialist only one year later. Her recent promotion to Senior Client Relations Specialist comes as much-deserved recognition for another year of amazing work. 

“These two years at Green Apple have taught me so much about myself both personally and who I am and aspire to be in my career. It has been a perfect opportunity for me to explore so many different facets of marketing, and because of that, it has been challenging, yet fun and rewarding all at the same time.” 

Her Love for Her Clients 

Olivia’s motivation for her work is her clients. “It’s so fun to assist clients who are willing to not only work hard and think smart, but who also try new things to deliver the best result. I’m thankful to have the clients I get to work alongside every day!” She dedicates herself daily to seeing her clients succeed and will do everything in her power to help them achieve their goals. It’s what makes her a great team member and a wonderful client ally and advocate. 

Owner and Chief Strategist Samantha Pyle consistently notices Olivia’s commitment, “I can’t praise Olivia enough. Her care for her clients is such a valuable asset to our team, and I love that she chooses to be part of Green Apple Strategy!”

What She’s Learned

Olivia’s time at Green Apple has been about learning, first and foremost, so that she can bring the best version of herself to our clients. She took the time to understand herself more fully before ever choosing to enter a client relations role, and that has served her and her clients well. 

“For me, learning about who I am as a person first, before who I wanted to be in my career, was very important. Through tools like the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs, I did research on the things I love to do and what came naturally to me both inside and outside work. I always knew that I loved to organize, plan, strategize, and help others and knew that I wanted to be in marketing.”

As she continues learning, Olivia enjoys the diversity of our client base so that she can discover creative solutions for a variety of challenges. “It’s been interesting to learn that marketing can mean something completely different for so many businesses. There is no cookie-cutter marketing plan for everyone. Every story is unique, and that means every business needs something different in order to best tell their story. And, that’s what we’re great at!” 

Looking to the Future 

Planning for her clients’ futures is always at the front of Olivia’s mind. “It’s important for me to continuously plan for the future for our clients. I’m trying to always think things like, “What’s next?” and “How will this decision affect the future?” and “How can we use this as an opportunity to do something great for a client that they aren’t already doing?” Marketing changes every day, but it’s important to have a plan for where you want to go and implement the thought processes early to get you there.” 

It has been an honor to watch Olivia grow personally and professionally here at Green Apple, and we can’t wait to see where her career takes her!