Content marketing has become the new norm for almost every business. It has been shown that 88 percent of B2B organizations and 76 percent of B2C companies are leveraging content marketing in some form or another.

However, maintaining the consistent focus on creating valuable content that resonates with customers is a challenge for many of today’s businesses. In some ways, content marketing has created this endless cycle of discovering ideas worth sharing, writing the content, promoting the piece, and evaluating your campaign…only to start it all over again. Content marketing quickly becomes a giant hamster wheel that takes up a lot of our time, energy, and resources.

How do we avoid this endless cycle?

One of the reasons I believe so many businesses are missing the full benefit of content marketing is that they’re seeing everything as separate pieces or campaigns rather than a dynamic ecosystem of content that can be repurposed in multiple ways.

How to Maximize Your Content Marketing Efforts by Working Smarter

Let me share an example of how businesses can begin working smarter (not harder) when it comes to maximizing their content marketing efforts:

Let’s say your business spends time creating a 3,000 word eBook about a particular problem your customers are facing. Rather than placing it on the shelf and forgetting it, here are a couple ways you can reformat the content to maximize your reach and extend the life of the content:

1. Break your eBook down into blog posts. A 3,000 word eBook can easily be broken down into six to eight blog posts that you can drip out on your website. Not only does this extend the shelf life of your content, it also provides new opportunities to point people back to the resource you created.

2. Highlight key points and statistics in an infographic. Infographics are a great way to reiterate key points in a visual format. By creating an infographic that highlights valuable statistics and key points from your resource, you’re able to reveal an entirely new piece of content marketing collateral that might resonate with people who would never take the time to sit down and read an entire eBook.

3. Create shareable social images and content. Social media is a great way to extend the life of your content marketing efforts. Take the best 140-character soundbites from your resource, and share them via Twitter. Create LinkedIn articles based on the most valuable content. Highlight the key ideas in a PowerPoint presentation, and publish them on SlideShare. These are just a few simple ways to maximize your content on social media.

The key to maximizing your content marketing efforts is to squeeze as much out of an idea as you possibly can. Without doing so, it’s easy for your pieces to lose their punch in the midst of chaotic communication schedules that are impossible to execute and maintain alone.