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Eliminating the Risk of Launching a New Brand

The Challenge:
  • Launching a New Brand in a Highly-Competitive Industry
  • The Need for a Strong Organic Campaign in an Expensive PPC Landscape

BALLAST is an online risk assessment and management software that was launched in 2017 by Tennessee-based firm, LBMC Information Security. As security and IT audit professionals, LBMC Information Security has been doing risk assessments for several years. The company decided to develop a SaaS based solution in response to seeing clients struggle to keep up with their risk assessment and management tasks on spreadsheets.

However, launching a new brand is never easy, especially in the highly-competitive software industry. BALLAST partnered with Green Apple Strategy to design a website that would help the company stand out from competitors and drive business by making it easy for potential customers to express interest in learning more.

Services Used

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    User Experience

  • Content Marketing

    Content & Design Development

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    Website Wireframe & Design

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    Custom Web Development


Solution #1: From Logo to Launch Strategy

When LBMC Information Security first approached Green Apple to help launch the BALLAST brand, the only concept that was solidified was the logo. Over the next few weeks, Green Apple helped BALLAST developed a fully-comprehensive marketing plan that would highlight the solutions unique value proposition for the industry and define key marketing messages that would help BALLAST stand out from competitors.

As a result of this effort, BALLAST went into the website creation process with a clear and complete picture of:

  • Their ideal target audience and buyer persona
  • A compelling brand essence that highlights the software’s core attributes
  • The competitive landscape and SEO keywords for the industry
  • Digital target audience and positioning recommendations

All of this information was used to develop a customized website specifically built to highlight BALLAST’s unique value proposition and drive potential customers to “raise their hand” to learn more. Green Apple also planned and executed a launch event at the popular Nashville eatery, Fin & Pearl.

Solution #2: Designing a Captivating Digital Experience

Once BALLAST’s core marketing messages were set, it was time to integrate them into the website for the official brand launch. Together, Green Apple and BALLAST landed on a website strategy and concept that would not only help the solution stand out from competitors but also optimize the opportunity to generate new business based on strategic content and user experience best practices.

While many companies launch with a skeleton website, BALLAST launched with a robust site that portrayed the company’s commitment to excellence. The three specific sections of the website that helped BALLAST stand out were:

  • A video-based product tour page that provided an overview of the company in a visually-compelling way
  • A comprehensive resource center that addressed the common challenges and pain points of the target audience
  • A navigable FAQs section that proactively addressed important questions and concerns in the buyer’s journey
  • A client login portal that seamlessly integrated with their digital platform

By intentionally including these three areas on their website, the BALLAST launch created the perception that the company wasn’t a simple startup but a trusted industry leader in the risk assessment and compliance industry.


The Results

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