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Brand Refresh Creates a “BIG” Impression

The challenge
  • Highlight their agency-level design services
  • Educate prospects and clients on the scope of their capabilities

Brand Imaging Group approached Green Apple in 2015 with a significant challenge. While the company was well-known for their incredible work, their overall brand, print materials, and website didn’t portray them as a competitive player in the branding and design industry. The team at Brand Imaging Group believed they needed an overhaul of their website and marketing collateral to make a bigger first impression with prospective clients.

Services Used

  • Rebranding

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Content & User Experience Strategy

  • Website Wireframe, Design, & Development

  • SEO Keywords and Copywriting

Making a “BIG” Impression Through Rebranding

In order to achieve their goals, Green Apple developed a comprehensive plan that would enhance Brand Imaging’s brand image, highlight the company’s outstanding work, and position them as Nashville’s premier print and signage shop.

The first step was to rebuild Brand Imaging’s website in a way that showcased their extraordinary portfolio. Using Google Analytics data and user experience best practices, Green Apple developed a design that would help visitors navigate the website, engage with the content, and take the appropriate next step through strategic calls-to-action.

The new design not only helped Brand Imaging Group make a stronger digital impression but it also allowed them to carry over this new look and feel into all of their print materials. By taking the digital design and apply it to other marketing collateral, Green Apple was able to help them create a cohesive experience for their online and offline efforts and infuse their new brand update throughout all of their marketing materials.

Creating a BIGGER Impression with Targeted Marketing

In addition to the brand update, Green Apple knew that it would be important to focus on targeting the specific industries that would benefit most from Brand Imaging’s products and services. This targeted marketing approach heavily influenced their traditional and digital marketing strategies in several ways.

Green Apple worked alongside Brand Imaging to identify their primary target audiences and develop marketing strategies and collateral that would resonate most with those type of businesses. Together, they were able to identify Brand Imaging’s sweet spot for serving entertainment and event brands, construction companies, restaurants, and other corporate franchises.

Digitally, focusing on specific industries allowed Green Apple to craft a content strategy that highlighted Brand Imaging Group’s high-quality services and allow more people from those specific industries to find the site through a focus on search-engine optimization.

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The Result

  • 124%

    Increase in web traffic

  • 18%

    Average session duration

  • 902

    Facebook Likes

  • 8,061

    New email subscriptions