For many marketers, SEO is one of the hardest tactics to grasp. First, there’s a lot of variables that go into developing an effective SEO strategy. Additionally, it can be difficult to provide insights into how your SEO efforts are truly making a positive impact on your business.

Those are the challenges I want to address in today’s post.

How to Measure SEO’s Impact on Your Bottom Line

If you’re investing time, energy, and resources toward improving your search engine rankings on important keywords, here are three metrics you can monitor to measure the effectiveness of your efforts toward your bottom line:

  1. Organic Search Traffic. According to a recent study, organic search accounts for 64% of all website visits. Whether your current organic search traffic is higher or lower, it’s important to establish a baseline for measuring growth. As you invest in SEO, you should see the percentage of organic search traffic grow over time.
  2. Bounce Rate. One of the most important factors in SEO effectiveness is your ability to capture the attention of people who visit your website. A high bounce rate hurts your SEO efforts because it shows your content isn’t encouraging users to explore and learn more about your business. Tweaking your website (either the content or the user experience) to improve the bounce rate is a great way to improve SEO and impact your bottom line.
  3. Conversion Rate. Conversions may be the single most important SEO metric for small business marketers. It’s important to set SEO goals that coincide with your company’s overall objectives and create conversion points on your website. By driving people to pages that ask them to give up their anonymity in order to learn more is an essential element for effective SEO.

Yes, managing your SEO efforts can be overwhelming. There are dozens of metrics to track. It takes time to improve your rankings. However, when you intentionally focus on these three metrics, you’ll set realistic goals and track the important benchmarks you need to ensure that your SEO efforts are impacting your bottom line.