Having brand ambassadors that can spread your message and promote your brand is one of the most beneficial ways a brand can excel with social media. But when it comes to leveraging brand ambassadors, there are often more questions than answers. Should you pay people to promote your products on Twitter or provide them with a free product? Who is the best influencer to promote your brand?

While it may be beneficial to connect with key centers of influencers to increase awareness, creating brand ambassadors with social media doesn’t have to be that complicated. Giving personal attention to your audience is the key to effectively creating a buzz around your brand and can create loyalty and love like no other.

By monitoring what people are saying about your brand on social media and engaging with them publically, you can gain the admiration of thousands of others.

Here are a couple of examples…

Several years ago, Morton’s Steakhouse noticed a tweet from influencer Peter Shankman asking if they could meet him at the airport with a steak when he arrived in two hours. Granted, they could have just responded to it jokingly as expected. However, when Peter arrived at the airport, there was a steak waiting for him at the luggage claim. What started as a light-hearted tweet turned into a national PR opportunity for Morton’s and created an enormous buzz around their brand.

Taco Bell also knows how to create brand ambassadors by giving personal attention. Though the post is no longer available on Facebook, a high school swimmer and diver from Palantine, Illinois, requested a Taco Bell-branded Speedo via the company’s Facebook page. The post went viral after the fast-food chain actually responded.

When you listen and engage with customers, you are not only connecting with that one person who will love you forever, you gain the admiration of the audience who you are standing out in front of!

With social media, millions can now see great customer service for one person. Whether or not your brand decides to leverage the influence of others to build awareness, one way that every brand can use social media to create brand ambassadors is to provide excellent customer service and show you’re willing to go above and beyond for the people that interact with you.

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