Improve Employee Recruitment with Strategy and Creativity

Our team at Green Apple is acutely aware of today’s tight labor market. We listen to reports that tell us job openings are continuing to decline. Since opening our doors in 2012, we have learned to adapt to the many changes and challenges outside our scope of influence, including shifts in the labor market. Our team quickly pivots when necessary and has applied strategic and creative thinking to the recruitment and hiring process with outstanding results. Here are a few of our top tips for finding, recruiting, and retaining employees: 

Where to Recruit 

With much of our lives intersecting with the digital world, recruiting also needs to shift online. But rather than relying on mass online job boards, our team strives to be more intentional with where we conduct our employee searches. 

Green Apple’s current openings are shared on LinkedIn, where we can vet applicants based on their profiles and see if we share any connections. We also network with an online marketing group and post to the online job boards at our respective alma maters. Because we are products of those schools and programs, we already have a good idea of the knowledge and skill set their graduates will bring to our team. 

There is immense value in the quantity and quality of applicants we can reach online, but we still enjoy recruiting in person. We regularly attend local college career fairs to get to know potential graduates. While this helps us find talented employees, it also promotes brand awareness and fills our pipeline with potential applicants.  

Consider Unconventional Arrangements

During the coronavirus pandemic, the world discovered a new way of working. Remote work was an excellent fit for our team and allowed us to bring the best talent on board, no matter where they lived. 

More and more companies are forgoing remote work in favor of a complete return to the office. While this may be necessary for some lines of work, we found it was not for ours. Strategy and creativity can be performed anywhere and are not bound by office walls. With this in mind, Green Apple maintains a hybrid work environment. We are 100 percent remote, with available space to gather in person for meetings, brainstorming, team building, open-space working, and team collaboration. 

Ensuring a Good Fit 

So you’ve found a potential employee you think will be perfect for your job and company culture. Recruitment can be costly, so it’s important both parties are happy from the beginning. How can you ensure it’s a good match? The Culture Index can help. 

The Culture Index is an assessment that evaluates how people communicate, solve problems, and use or alter their innate traits to adjust to their work roles. It is one of the first steps in our application process to help determine if someone matches the position they applied for. The candidate will move on to the interview phase if their Culture Index indicates a match. This process helps Green Apple add the right people to our team who can best serve our clients and help reach our strategic goals. 

Join Our Marketing Team

Over the years, we’ve built a creative recruitment approach that has shaped and supported our team. If you’re looking for insights on creating a marketing team or are interested in joining our team at Green Apple, we’d love to connect. You can check out our current openings or learn about the services we can provide for your business.