Olivia Cooper Promoted to Client Relations Director

GreenApple Strategy is excited to announce Olivia Cooper’s promotion to Client Relations Director. Olivia joined Green Apple as a Client Relations Specialist in 2018 and was promoted twoyearslater to become a Senior Client Relations Specialist. Her new role will allow Olivia to continue to serve our clients while growing her capacity to lead anddevelop other members of the Green Apple client relations team. Marketing has been crucial for businesses to adapt during and after the pandemic. During this time, Olivia played a valuable role for many clients. She embraced new challenges by developing creative strategies to support client retention and growth. Because of the work of Olivia and the rest of the Client Relations Team, we’ve built even stronger relationships with many of our clients over the past two years. To celebrate her newest achievement, we wanted to highlight a few of the specific ways Olivia’s promotion will empower her to make an even greater impact on our team and our clients. 

Providing Greater Overarching Strategy and Creative Problem Solving

In her new role as Client Relations Director, Olivia will focus on providing oversight and strategic direction on all client accounts. This shift allows her to leverage her skills of problem-solving, opportunity analysis, and strategic plan development to impact more of the work we do for clients.  “I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the growth we’ve had with several clients over the last few years,” said Olivia. “Each day, we serve as a strategic partner and that means constantly bringing ideas and opportunities to them in hopes of growing their brand and, ultimately, their business.”

Mentoring and Developing Others 

Another important part of the Director’s role is helping to mentor and lead the Client Relations Team. As Director, Olivia will have dedicated time to invest in the client relations team to provide training and guidance to help them grow in their roles.  “Green Apple is in a phase of growth, so I’m really excited to be a part of expanding the Client Relations team and fostering an environment for the team where we all continue to learn from each other and the relationships we have with our clients,” Olivia said. “ We have a group of insanely talented (and fun!) people on the Client Relations Team and I’m really motivated to continue to work with them to enhance the services we provide for our clients,” she added. “One of the things I love most about leading the team at Green Apple is watching people grow and develop as they discover their gifts and lean into their work with passion, commitment, and creativity,” said Samantha Pyle, Owner and Chief Strategist of Green Apple Strategy. “Since her very first day, I’ve watched Olivia bring the best version of herself to our clients. I am grateful for her partnership and excited about the greater impact she can make by stepping into the director role.”