The Culture Index: Transforming How Marketing Teams Work Together

Effective marketing requires a combination of strategy, operations, and detailed execution. Because of this, most marketing teams are best equipped when people function in a variety of roles. As Seth Godin puts it, you need a scientist, an engineer, and an operations manager. The challenge, of course, stems from ensuring that your people are in the right role and know how to work together in order to achieve your goals. Workplace culture is created through the everyday interactions and experiences that team members have with each other. 

Green Apple Strategy is a hybrid agency, so the culture we cultivate with our team is incredibly important. We’ve worked hard to build a structure where people are working out of their strengths and communicating effectively to serve our clients. The Culture Index has become one of the most helpful tools for achieving this goal. It’s something we discuss on a regular basis. We’ve also included it as part of our hiring process to ensure we find the right people for each new role. 

In this article, we wanted to provide an overview of The Culture Index and highlight a few specific ways it has transformed the way we work together as a marketing team. 

An Overview of The Culture Index

The Culture Index Survey is an assessment that evaluates how people communicate, solve problems, and use or alter their innate traits to adjust to their work roles. The Culture Index Survey can help you assess:

  • Do you prefer to work alone or collaboratively when solving problems?
  • Are you more likely to follow established processes or think outside the box to create a campaign?
  • Do you work quickly or need time to methodically think through an idea?

The survey allows you to identify patterns for each team member based on these traits. From there, it allows you to analyze the findings in a peer-to-peer format and provides an action plan for how your team can improve processes. The ultimate goal is to transform the way you work and create a more productive and enjoyable environment. 

How The Culture Index Can Transform Your Marketing Team

Here are a few specific ways the Culture Index has transformed the way our team works together: 

1. You can recognize and understand personality differences.

Most communication breakdowns between team members stem from differences in personality, approach, and personal strengths. One of the greatest benefits of the Culture Index is that it helps you recognize how another person operates. This creates greater empathy and understanding among the team rather than staying in a constant loop of miscommunication and frustration.

2. You can maximize your team’s impact by allowing people to capitalize on their strengths.

The Culture Index Survey helps you get a full understanding of employee satisfaction and experience within your company. If a team member is frustrated by their day-to-day experiences, they may not mention that to leadership. The Culture Index is a low-pressure way to shine a light on where your team members fit and what type of role they might enjoy best. As Jim Collins famously explained, it’s important to get the right people on the bus. But getting them in the right seat is another important step to ensuring your employees are more engaged and happy at work.

3. Your team is equipped with resources to resolve conflict.

Any time you work with someone for a period of time, there’s bound to be conflict. It’s important to normalize this reality. When conflicts arise within your marketing team, it’s important to address them promptly. Your team can refer to the Culture Index Survey to better understand the root causes of the conflict and develop targeted strategies for resolving it. 

4. You can enhance strategic planning for your long-term goals.

Every marketing team requires strategic planning. The Culture Index allows you to maximize your planning efforts by allowing people to focus on areas in which they’re naturally gifted. It also allows you to give plenty of time for those who rely on methodical thinking to discover ideas while allowing others to respond in real time. 

We’re incredibly grateful for the way The Culture Index has shaped and supported our team. If you’re looking for insights on how to create a marketing team or are interested in joining our team at Green Apple, we’d love to connect. You can check out our current openings or learn how we can be a marketing partner for your business.