Do You Need Some Marketing Inspiration? It’s All Around You.

We live in a world that’s noisier than ever. Between the hundreds of emails, countless advertisements, and dozens of commercials we are exposed to each day, one would think that finding new marketing ideas and inspiration would be easy. But, if you’ve spent more than two weeks in marketing, you know that isn’t always the case. Whether you’re a CEO, business development leader, or advertising professional, marketing is part of your job in some way. You’ve got to find new ways to increase brand awareness, close more deals, or build stronger relationships with customers. 3 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Next Marketing Idea So, where do you turn when you’re looking for marketing inspiration for a new campaign or project? Here are a few of my “every day” sources:
  1. The Emails You Actually Read
We all have those emails that immediately get deleted. But what about the ones you actually read? What makes you open them? Is it the subject line, the content of the email, who it’s from? Taking time to consider what inspires you to actually open one of the dozens of marketing emails you get a day can teach you a lot about how to create content and messages that stand out in a noisy world.
  1. Your Favorite Restaurant
More than likely, the food isn’t the only reason you love your favorite restaurant. More than likely, it invokes an experience you enjoy. Whether it’s a fast food chain or a high-end steakhouse, great restaurants know how to elevate the brand experience beyond the food. How can you do the same for your customers and potential clients? What kind of experience can you create that provides value beyond the services or products you offer?
  1. The Questions Customers are Asking Online
The best marketing campaigns are ones that help your customers solve their biggest challenges. With social media, brands have the opportunity to “listen” to their customers in a way that wasn’t possible before. Whether it’s identifying the common questions you receive online or following keywords and questions related to your industry on Twitter, you have the opportunity to easily identify the real-time obstacles your customers face every day. All of us are inundated with thousands of marketing messages each day. In some ways, these messages only serve as an annoying distraction. But, if we’re intentional about using them, we can easily find inspiration for our next marketing idea in one of the hundreds of messages we hear each day.