Graphic Design Hacks for B2B Businesses

Today’s B2B businesses have more access than ever to affordable, user-friendly design apps. With a few clicks and perhaps a few YouTube tutorials, anyone can create logos, websites, e-newsletters, and more in just minutes. But how do you know if your graphic designs are helping—or hurting—your B2B business? 

Simply put, good graphic design is important. To put you on the path to success, our team at Green Apple is happy to share some of the best practices we use when developing a graphic design strategy for B2B clients. While there is so much to learn about creating an effective design, we hope this list will inspire you to love and appreciate graphic design as much as we do.

Graphic Design for B2B Best Practices

Choose Colors, Fonts, and Logos Wisely

Before you begin any graphic design project, ensure you have a logo, fonts, and colors that appropriately represent your unique brand. For example, a technology company will choose a different font than a creative marketing agency. Likewise, a childcare center will choose different colors than a high-end restaurant chain. Together, these elements tell a story about your brand—you just need to make sure it’s the correct one!

Create a Brand Guide

You’ve taken the time to ensure the logo, colors, and fonts accurately represent your brand. When used consistently across all design channels, these key elements establish a strong brand identity. Now, you’ll want to create a brand guide. 

A brand guide is an internal, digital home that lists all the details of your fonts (such as names, typeface, and size), color names and numbers, preferred logo size, and how it can and cannot be used. Make this guide available to anyone working on your B2B graphic design. This way, no matter who is doing the design, a cohesive look and feel can be maintained. Remember: we need this cohesiveness to build a strong brand identity.

Focus on the Client

Graphic design for B2B should focus on the experience of the end user, not on the likes or dislikes of the designer. With so many beautiful design elements to choose from, it can be easy to get distracted by our own personal preferences. However, the best graphic designs are created with the user’s experience in mind. 

Focusing on UX means ensuring web designs are mobile-friendly, concepts are easy to understand, calls to action are clear and easy to act on, and all text is supplemented with easy-to-digest photos, videos, and infographics to maintain your audience’s attention. Graphic design for B2B should take your audience on a journey—and make it worthwhile for them to stay on the site.

Strive for Visual Clarity

There is much to be said for white space regarding graphic design for B2B. At best, too much information and visual clutter waters your message down and confuses your audience. At worst, they don’t know what action to take, so they don’t take any at all! Let your design focus on one directive or key point at a time. Your audience should be able to intuitively navigate your design, and the design should clearly specify what actions you want a user to take. 

With that in mind, be bold with your CTA  by using stand-out colors to encourage your audience to take action. If your website is blue, a CTA button in a vibrant shade of orange will pop on the page, engage your audience, and enhance click-through rates.

We Design with Leads in Mind

The best B2B graphic design strategies work to move the needle in terms of ROI. Our team at Green Apple is here to be a partner in creating effective design elements that support your business goals. Contact us to learn more about our approach to creating visually compelling B2B graphic design to attract more leads and land more clients.