Campaign Monitor: A Marketing Agency’s Review

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While marketing trends come and go, email still remains an essential tactic for businesses to engage with existing and potential customers. 93% of B2B marketers use email marketing for distributing content and promoting their products. On top of this, 72% of customers have said that they prefer email as their main source of business communication. 

Finding the right platform for your email marketing efforts can make a tremendous impact on your ability to create, send, and optimize your campaigns. Our team at Green Apple has used a variety of email marketing platforms over the years. To date, Campaign Monitor has been our favorite, especially for B2B companies or service-based businesses. 

Why do we use Campaign Monitor as our go-to email platform? We asked our digital marketing team in this review to share a few specific reasons they love Campaign Monitor. 

3 Reasons We Love Campaign Monitor for Our Clients’ Email Strategy

1. Campaign Monitor has a user-friendly platform. 

Campaign Monitor provides one of the simplest and most intuitive experiences of any email platform. Their email templates are by far the easiest to use. Their customer service representatives also provide quick, responsive answers to any questions. If there is ever anything that our team isn’t quite sure how to do, they’re very quick to explain how something works. Another user-friendly aspect of Campaign Monitor is that all of our clients are in one place when we log in. This is extremely helpful when managing dozens of email campaigns.

2. Campaign Monitor makes it super easy to build beautiful and effective emails. 

The layout and design of emails impacts conversion rates. With Campaign Monitor, you don’t need robust design skills or coding experience to design effective emails. Campaign Monitor provides a variety of templates that are easy to customize to create branded newsletters. This is not always the case with all email marketing platforms! If you do want to invest in more individualized design, Campaign Monitor has the capacity for designers to create custom-designed emails in Campaign Monitor.

3. Campaign Monitor provides valuable insights and helpful reporting tools. 

One of the most powerful tools available to any marketer is the ability to analyze the results of an email campaign. Campaign Monitor’s reporting capabilities are really beneficial. We can view detailed analytics to help uncover where our clients’ most active subscribers are coming from and how they engage with the content. The campaign dashboard makes it easy to see exactly how each email performed. It’s also incredibly simple to pull reports for our clients so they can view the data for themselves. 

Want to Elevate Your Email Marketing Efforts?

Green Apple Strategy is constantly looking for ways to help our clients find effective ways to reach their audience. If you’re looking for a way to elevate your email campaigns, our experienced team can help provide you with the ideas and insights. Reach out to us today for a consultation.