Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Eights Lead Your Team

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Do you have an
Enneagram Type Eight on your team? If not, it might be time to, as they are certain to be a force of nature who leads your team toward growth. Named “The Challenger,” a Type Eight is usually self-confident, decisive, willful, and can even be confrontational at times—which they can often use to their advantage. When they’re at their best, Eights are protective and resourceful, which makes them exceptional leaders. To help you determine the best place for an Eight on your team, here are the qualities that make them stand out. 

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Type Eights are Not People Pleasers (In a Good Way)

You’ll never hear Type Eights being called pushovers or people pleasers. Their determination to get the job done, the right way, will steer them to say “no” when necessary—even if it’s the unpopular choice. An Eight’s passion and drive will lead the way, allowing them to make tough choices for the good of the team. If you ever worry that your team will be taken advantage of, send in your Type Eight to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Type Eights Gain the Respect of Their Teams

When you hire a Type Eight, expect them to rise through the ranks quickly, as Eights have a commanding presence that makes them natural leaders. They are usually the first to step up and protect their team while also finding ways to boost everyone’s confidence. Because of their strength, Eights typically find their way to the front of the pack, effortlessly gaining the respect of their peers along the way. It’s wise to put this person in a position where they can fight for you, so to speak, as they may feel bored or underutilized in more behind-the-scenes roles.

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Type Eights are Self-Starters

While some need external encouragement and motivation, Type Eights draw from their passion to motivate themselves. You’ll find that even when you think their workload has slowed down, Eights are three steps ahead of the next move. Every team needs an Eight because those are the leaders who will work their hardest, even when you aren’t checking in on their progress.

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Types Eights are Courageous 

One of the primary characteristics that sets Eights apart is their courage. They will never back down and will be running full-steam ahead when others feel like giving up. The benefit of having this type of personality on your team is that their energy rubs off on their team members, giving everyone the motivation to come together and get the job done. 

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