What Makes an Enneagram Type 5 a Marketing Asset

“The Investigator.” Type Fives are known for being intense, cerebral, perceptive, and often isolated individuals; it’s no surprise if your mind immediately conjured an image of Sherlock Holmes! Type Fives strive to acquire as much knowledge as they can, making them life-long learners. Their worst fear is being viewed as useless or incompetent, especially in a professional setting. One of our own Content Specialists working as a member of the Green Apple Orchard, Saxon McCullough, is a Type Five! What does this mean in regard to her work approach? If she encounters a subject she’s not entirely comfortable with, she goes into a deep dive of research to learn all she can about the topic before she begins writing. This is obviously a great approach to have as a writer, but this approach also serves as a pacifier to any anxiety she has about feeling inadequate in her professional role. Aside from being a devout researcher and life-long learner, here are a few more traits of a Type Five that make these individuals an asset to your marketing team. Read More: How Understanding The Enneagram Can Help Your Customers

Type Fives Need to Observe and Contemplate

The basic desire of a Type Five is to hear from others, “You know what you’re talking about;” therefore, they are constantly internalizing ideas and concepts around them and contemplating how they can use this information to innovate.  Saxon sees this Type Five trait the most often in her work. She frequently explains to employers, when asked about her writing process, that if she has been given three hours to write an article, she will spend the first two hours immersing herself in research and absorbing everything she can about the topic. She is then able to hammer out the right assignment in no time at all! Read More: Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Ones Accelerate Your Strategy

Type Fives are Life-Long Learners

If you think about the Type Fives you know, you might find that they tend to love finding new hobbies to immerse themselves in. Whether it is all of sudden becoming obsessed with learning how to bake croissants or learning every detail about fly-fishing, Type Fives feel a need to be experts. When considering the Type Fives in your workplace, you will likely find that they have a strong desire to become a subject matter expert—the go-to for a specific problem or topic. Saxon is that croissant person. She used to work at a coffee shop, and it wasn’t long before she had weaseled her way back into the kitchen and became Lead Baker. Is it because she has been a life-long baker since she was a child? Absolutely not! Her Type Five mind just happened to latch on to baking as the tool to make her feel adequate in her job, and the rest is history.  Read More: Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Twos Strengthen Relationships

Type Fives Value New Ideas and Innovation

After we have acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge, Type Fives seek to use this knowledge to create new ideas and generate new understanding and insight. This means that these individuals are often distinguished problem solvers in the workplace (which are always good to have around). Every workplace could benefit from someone who has the drive to look at a topic, internalize every aspect of it, and then flip it upside down and create a new perspective. Type Fives can help others on your team find new approaches to old ideas—an invaluable contribution! Read More: Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Threes Move Mountains

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Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Threes Move Mountains

“The Achiever.” If you’ve met an
Enneagram Type Three, they likely left a lasting impression on you. They’re the dreamers and the doers who are running the show, making sure that they’re always moving forward, making the world a better place as they go.

It comes as no surprise that Green Apple’s Type Three is Samantha Pyle, Owner and Chief Strategist. She is always looking for the next step, brainstorming ways to advance Green Apple and our clients and putting those ideas into motion.

We asked Sam how her Enneagram traits inform her success as a marketer. Here’s what we learned.

Read More: Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Twos Strengthen Relationships.

Type Threes Are Self-Assured and Confident

The ability to listen to your internal voice and know that you’re making the right moves for the right reasons is invaluable. That assurance is what makes Threes such wonderful marketers and leaders—they have a vision, and they trust themselves to make it happen. You will find yourself trusting them, too, as they prove time and time again that they can move mountains.

Samantha explained, “My self-assurance makes me great at business development, attracting employees, and entertaining clients. It also gives me the confidence to know that, no matter what, everything is going to work out, and we will grow and flourish. We will get the clients we are supposed to have, and we will do great work.”

Type Threes Are Ambitious and Driven

For Sam, “failure is not an option.” A Three’s ambition is unmatched. Their innate motivation to achieve and thrive pushes them to always be “three” steps ahead. You’ll notice that Threes are continually finding ways to exceed the expectations of those around them. For the Owner and Chief Strategist of a marketing agency, that’s the recipe for success.

“I’m always driven to grow the company and provide work with new clients or by growing our client relationships for my employees. I am motivated by success and will not take no for an answer,” she said.

Type Threes are Committed to Their Work

You might describe the Threes in your life as workaholics. When they begin a project or a relationship, they are all in and committed to seeing it through to the end. Many Threes find themselves as driven entrepreneurs, as their relentless drive pushes them to build their businesses and do the same for those around them.

“I am always working and always thinking of the next idea or a better way to do something. I am always thinking with my marketing hat on and constantly jot down ideas to help advance Green Apple or our clients. This is something an entrepreneur thrives on. This is a great trait for growing business.”

Type Threes are Authentic Role Models

Threes understand the rewarding feeling of achieving more than you ever thought possible, and they want to share that feeling with the world. When they’re thriving, that’s when Threes know that they can change the lives of others. 

“I love taking care of my employees and serving as a mentor to them or members of the community whenever possible,” she concluded.

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Our team enjoys learning more about each other through Enneagram Types and Culture Index surveys to ensure that we communicate and work together effectively. In the end, this is all to improve our clients’ marketing strategies and use our small team to garner big results. Are you looking to see what full-service marketing can do for your brand? Contact Green Apple Strategy today to schedule a consultation.

Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Twos Strengthen Relationships

“The Helper.” If you know an Enneagram Type Two, you know that their helpful spirit inspires everything they do. They will be the first to lend a hand, listen to your needs, and build a strong relationship with you.  I’m Green Apple’s Content Marketing Specialist, and I just happen to be the Type Two on our team! In this article, I’ll explain how the Type Twos on your marketing team use their helpful, sensitive souls to meet your customers’ needs. Read More: Enneagram and Marketing: How Type Ones Accelerate Your Strategy

Type Twos Are Detailed Listeners

If you are talking to me, I am listening to you. Type Twos tend to pick up on the energy of others because we want to identify their needs. Some might call this “people-pleasing,” and, to an extent, that’s what it is. However, we want to make sure that you are well taken care of and comfortable whenever you’re around us.  In a marketing context, that means that your Type Two is listening intently to coworkers and clients, trying their best to understand how they can improve the situation. You can be sure that they’re taking note of your tone, facial expressions, and what you say. Not in a creepy way, I promise! But rather, Type Twos want to gauge how you’re feeling and ensure that you feel heard and get what you need. 

Type Twos Thrive on Being Needed

A Type Two can often base their worth on how needed they feel. This motivation can drive them to seek out new ways to allow people to rely on them. You may find that the Type Twos in your life are the first ones offering to pick your dog up from daycare or bring a casserole when you’re sick. Because I want people around me to feel like they can rely on me, I often identify ways to be more helpful to coworkers and clients. Type Twos will often offer their time for whatever you need; this may look like volunteering to take a call or researching ways to boost business. However they can, a Type Two is actively looking for a way to support you. 

Type Twos Are Warm and Welcoming

As I mentioned, Type Twos want you to feel comfortable—above all else. I’m a Type Two with a Wing Three, so that makes me the “Hostess.” I’m always aware of what others might need around me, so I will try to offer whatever I can to make you feel welcome. Most often, that’s a hot cup of tea.  This trait is incredibly useful in marketing because when people are comfortable, that’s when they connect. That’s when you can really discover their “why,” their passion. People tend to become more vulnerable and show you a side of themselves that you may have not otherwise seen, which is perfect for finding the heart of a story to build engaging content

Type Twos Make Relationships the Most Important Thing in Their Lives

Our welcoming nature makes it easier for Type Twos to build and cultivate relationships. This is true both personally and professionally. When we’re connecting with clients and helping them connect with their audience, that’s when we’re at our peak. It’s indescribably rewarding when we make a new connection or begin building a unique bond, and doing that for our clients is the best part of the job. Above all, you can always be sure that you are a Type Two’s priority because your relationship with them is what matters most. 

Ready to Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers?

Our team enjoys learning more about each other through Enneagram Types and Culture Index surveys to ensure that we communicate and work together effectively. In the end, this is all to improve our clients’ marketing strategies and use our small team to garner big results.  Are you looking to see what full-service marketing can do for your brand? Contact Green Apple Strategy today to schedule a consultation.

How Understanding The Enneagram Can Help Your Customers

“I just need to make sure I have it right.” Have you ever heard someone say that? Well, that’s me. All day, every day. I’ve been described as precise, fair, responsible, and, ultimately, a perfectionist—yet sometimes critical, opinionated, or inflexible. Doesn’t sound fun, right? I used to think that. 

What Is the Enneagram System?

Several years ago, I was introduced to the Enneagram system, which models nine different personality types. Before this, I always brushed off any personality tests that came my way. I thought that surely there wasn’t any real value in them. I saw it as a label that people use for fun conversation. But, the moment I read the description of the Enneagram Type One, “The Perfectionist” or “The Reformer,” my jaw dropped. I had never felt so heard in my life. Suddenly, it all made sense, and I could proudly own my descriptors like “opinionated” or “fair” that used to make me feel uninteresting and rigid.  The Enneagram is based on our core motivations, meaning your Enneagram type helps you understand why you do the things you do. I’m motivated by doing things right and, for me, that means doing everything perfectly. What I’ve found more than anything is that the key to using the Enneagram is focusing on the other eight types just as much as you focus on your own. Once you understand how those around you are motivated, you can personalize your interactions with them based on their own type. This is my favorite recipe for happier, productive communication.  For instance, as a Type One, I thrive on clear direction, and I expect you to be fair at all times, including taking your share of the responsibility. But a Type Three might expect you to communicate efficiently and effectively to not waste time while acknowledging the success they’ve worked so hard for. Type eights, on the other hand, like for you to be direct and confident while showing them your feelings to let them know you’re safe to confide in. 

3 Ways to Use the Enneagram in Marketing

So, what does all of this have to do with marketing? Everything.  Relationships are at the core of marketing. Every business must understand its customers’ motivations and personalities to not only effectively communicate with them but keep them coming back. Here are three ways you can use the Enneagram concept in marketing, just as you can in your everyday life.
1. Fostering Leadership and Teamwork
It’s no secret that the difference between success and failure is a great team. Culture is built from the top down, and it shows in your work. As a marketing agency, it’s key for everyone on your team to maintain a high level of self-awareness to acknowledge things that may hold them back from effectively communicating with each other. This self-awareness is especially crucial because marketing agencies wear many hats. Marketers work with clients in many different industries, with countless projects moving at the same time. The more you can understand your leadership style and team members’ motivations, the more efficient you are in your work, and the better your results are for your clients. With simple reminders like posting your Enneagram Type to your office door or regular team-building sessions, your team can begin to understand and appreciate each other’s motivations and use that as a foundation for better work.
2. Understanding Your Audience
Understanding that your motivations are different from your customers’ is crucial for success in marketing. For instance, you may be an early adopter and are always the first person in line to purchase the new iPhone. You always want the newest, shiniest gadget, no matter how long it’s been on the market. In Enneagram terms, you sound like Type Three, “The Achiever.” You care about your image, and you want the most innovative, time-saving tool available.  However, if you’re selling home security systems, your early adopter mentality will not match the motivations of your audience. Your audience, in this example, is more likely to have the thought process of a Type Six, “The Questioner.” Sixes are skeptical and motivated by the need for security. In this situation, you’d adjust your messaging to sell to your customers the feeling of safety they desire by removing fear from the situation.
3. Enhancing the Customer Experience
Curating a positive customer experience, especially in marketing agencies, is always a top priority. For agencies, you’re not only enhancing your client’s experience but also managing the experience of their customers. The first two points in this list equip you with the tools you need to excel in customer experience. The better you can work together, and the more you understand your audience and learn to speak in their language, the happier they’ll become, and the longer they’ll stick around. To illustrate this point, say you’re selling a fun outdoor experience like zip-lining. You know that your audience is filled with people who identify with the Enneagram Type Seven, “The Adventurer.” Through your research, you know that people of this type want to feel free and happy. Because of this, you’ll learn to forget the details and, instead, approach them with adventure-filled opportunities that promote feelings of outrageousness and excitement. Overall, the more you can customize the experience for your customers, the more unforgettable you become. 

Applying the Enneagram to Your Business

As you begin to incorporate The Enneagram into your everyday life, adding it to your marketing toolkit will become more and more natural. At its core, using the Enneagram will allow you to better understand and communicate with your audience by understanding its core motivations. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers isn’t something new in marketing, but understanding why they do the things they do through an Enneagram-like lens is indispensable.  Visit The Enneagram Institute to take the test and read more about each of the types, wings, centers, and more. And if you’re curious about how to effectively communicate with your audience, contact Green Apple Strategy today. Through strategic marketing, we can help you identify your target audience and channel their inner Enneagram-like motivations to reach them.