How to Generate More Google Reviews

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In a world where word of mouth and consumer feedback guides the decision-making process, Google reviews are critical when it comes to driving business to your company. As if a positive response from current customers isn’t enough, these testimonies can also go beyond their original purpose and be doubled as free marketing content for your other platforms. Who doesn’t love a twofer?

We’ve sourced some helpful directions on how you can generate more Google reviews, today. Let’s get started. 

Understand Google My Business

To begin with, be sure your business is registered and that you have taken all of the necessary steps that are needed for someone to be able to leave a Google review. Already have that under control? Great! If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here.

Ask Directly

The answer is always no if you never ask, right? If you know or realize that a customer is satisfied with their purchase or service, simply ask them if they could leave a review about their experience. You can also use your social media accounts to invite people to leave a review, this isn’t as direct as an in-person request, but is still beneficial if you have a loyal and engaged audience. 

Make It Easy

When you’re asking for a review, you’re asking for someone’s personal time. In order to make the reviewing process as simple as possible for your customers, plan out a user-friendly process that will quite literally take them one minute of their day. 

Here are a few methods to try that save consumers time:

  • Texting or emailing a direct link after their purchase
  • Utilizing a survey platform, such as Typeform or Loyalty Loop
  • Creating QR codes that lead directly to your Google Review page

Utilize Your Platforms

Strategically place and plan where to include a review request. You can encourage your customers to leave reviews without being pushy. 

  • Digitally: Incorporate your Google review links in your email signatures, website, or landing pages.
  • In-person: Use QR codes in your waiting rooms, check-out counters, or menus. 

Ready to Plan a Reputation Management Strategy?

If you need more help creating your digital PR strategy, we’re ready to help you build your new marketing plan. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

5 Ways to Craft an Unforgettable Customer Experience

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Let’s face it—everything comes down to
customer experience

Whether it’s a first-time visitor to a loyal patron, customers will remember how they felt when working with your business—good or bad. To help you build an unforgettable experience for your customers, we have five tips to help design your strategy.

Crafting an Unforgettable Customer Experience

1. Curate your online presence to be easy and unforgettable.

Your customer experience begins the moment a potential customer searches for—or stumbles upon—your business online. Make that moment count. Ensure that your website is easy to find, using SEO best practices, and that it answers the customer’s every question as soon as they see it.

Google My Business is an excellent, free tool that will help you make your business information front-and-center on Google. A person will be able to find your website, hours, FAQs, directions, and more. 

Once your customer lands on your website, you can continue answering the more detailed questions. What is your mission? What makes you different? What services or products do you offer?

Top off your information with impeccable website design. Work with a designer, if you’re able, or do a great deal of research to put your best foot forward. Make your potential-customer curious enough to continue to engage with your business.

2. Write genuine content that speaks to your audience without selling.

At the center of your brand’s universe is your content. It expresses your voice and builds a connection with your audience—while giving you the chance to shape your customer’s perception of your business.

Make your writing clear, but infuse your voice as much as possible to create a genuine connection. Many businesses will hide behind their words, telling customers what they think they want to hear. Today’s customer will gravitate toward the real feelings, not the sales speak.

3. Test your own user experience and remove any friction you find.

The best way to assess your current customer experience is to test it out yourself. Pretend you’re a customer (or designate a teammate or friend) and go through the process from start to finish—search for key terms related to your business (e.g., real estate company near me), check out your website, complete a contact form.

At every step, ask yourself, If I were looking for a product or service like this, what might prevent me from using this one? When you identify the answer(s) to that question, use those as opportunities to fine-tune your process. Remove any friction that a customer may experience when trying to find you, engage with you, or maintain a relationship with you.

4. Empower your team to make your customers happy.

Every person on your team from the top to the bottom has the power to affect your customers’ experience. When you empower your team to make your customer happy, they can identify opportunities that you may not see to go the extra mile. It’s those small moments that can turn a first-time customer into a patron.

Tip: Create an internal marketing strategy to help your team feel invested while also being able to talk about your company to others effectively.

5. Add “happys” throughout your process to make it memorable.

At Green Apple, you’ll often hear us call something a “happy.” It can describe a joyful event in our lives (a weekend happy, for example) or a gift. While it can take on several meanings, a happy is essentially something that brings you joy.

As you test your process, identify areas where you can add elements to spark that same joy in your customers. It can be as simple as a personal email to show your appreciation, or something larger, such as a gift. Whatever you choose, make it an opportunity for your customer to remember your brand fondly.

Are you ready to craft an unforgettable experience for your customer? Contact Green Apple Strategy to get started.