Meet Our Orchard Members: Meghan Clark

Meghan Clark
The Orchard at Green Apple is full of talented professionals who are passionate about what they do and excited to share that passion with our clients. Meghan Clark is no exception. We truly value Meghan’s contribution to our team and are excited to share a bit of her story with you.

Meghan’s Role as an Orchard Member

As a content specialist, Meghan supports our core content marketing team to create blog articles for a variety of industries and subjects. Her workday typically includes researching new topics, drafting content, and editing before her writing makes its way to the client. She is extremely focused on quality content and SEO keyword research while always keeping our clients’ unique voices and tones in mind. 

Meghan’s Background and How She Came to Green Apple

Meghan began her career as an educator at an independent day school and spent much of her time with creative, brilliant 13-year-olds. After seven amazing years, she took a leap of faith and joined a small startup marketing company. The company ultimately went under, and she decided to use that opportunity to establish herself as a freelancer. A friend told her that Green Apple was looking for writers in 2019, and she’s worked with us ever since! “I grew up as the daughter of a successful entrepreneur, and I saw much of the same spirit, drive, and vision in Samantha Pyle. As a contractor, I appreciated the way she streamlined project management and billing. Even though I wasn’t part of the in-office team, I felt my work was valued,” Meghan says.  She loves working with Green Apple and had such great things to say about our team. “My editor, Content Marketing Director Adam York, is truly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He pairs clear expectations with solid support, and he’s always available to answer my questions,” she added. 

What Meghan Loves About Her Craft—In Her Own Words

“When I initially started blogging, I was skeptical about its efficacy, but I can’t argue with the numbers. According to McKinsey, blogs sent out as email newsletters are 40 times more likely to land you a customer than social media posts. Other data shows click-through rates for email at 50 to 100 times higher than social media. People still read. Words are still powerful. As a writer, that’s heartening to me. On a copywriter’s website or resume, you’ll usually find a cheeky list of topics they’ve gotten to write about. I’m no exception to this rule. I’ve written about plastic surgery, customer service, cheeseburgers, boating, Swiss watches, pre-K education, banking, commercial kitchens, large-scale signage, cryptocurrency, and electron microscopy. Every article I write expands my knowledge base, and I love collecting arcane bits of knowledge. My work as a writer has given me the capacity to talk to almost anyone I meet about something that interests them. This is with the exception of theoretical physicists, who frankly aren’t that great at dinner conversation anyway.”

Meghan’s Personal Life

Like many paid writers, Meghan is also a creative writer. She writes creative nonfiction essays and draws her inspiration from writers like E.B. White, Leslie Jamison, Karl Ove Knausgaard, and Anthony Bourdain. She says that she spends entirely too much time reading, trying to identify birds on trees, and thinking about, preparing, or eating food. We are incredibly lucky to have Meghan as a member of our Orchard team and are thrilled that she chooses to share her talents with us. Thank you for your contribution to our clients, Meghan. We appreciate you!  Could your brand benefit from quality content services? Contact Green Apple Strategy to schedule a consultation.