How Does PR Fit Into Your Comprehensive Marketing Plan?

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Marketing and public relations used to work separately, with drastically different approaches and goals. But in today’s digital world, where PR overlaps with other channels of communication, it’s more important than ever for the two disciplines to work together. For nearly every company we serve, we are exploring ways to incorporate PR into their comprehensive marketing plan.  Unfortunately, not all brands recognize how important PR can be. According to recent research, only 19 percent of corporate communication departments actually contribute to the overall marketing strategy. As a result, many companies are missing a huge opportunity to accelerate brand awareness and improve consumer perception with proven and research-backed PR strategies.

How Marketing and PR Work in Tandem

Traditionally, public relations has focused on maintaining a company’s overall public image, while marketing has focused on promoting and selling products or services. But in today’s digital age, where consumers and brands are more connected than ever before, those two lines have merged into one comprehensive thread.  Marketers need to recognize that telling a compelling story is essential for reaching today’s consumers. This is what PR professionals specialize in doing. For PR professionals, it’s important to recognize that consumers have as much impact on a brand’s perception as the brand itself.  The end goals of marketing and PR — selling products and making people love a company — are now intertwined. To succeed in today’s business world, brands need to combine the best tactics in traditional PR with updated online techniques.

Effective PR Tactics for Your Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Here are a few PR tactics that will take your comprehensive marketing plan to the next level and ensure you’re maintaining a positive brand image while selling more products: 1. Incorporate a digital PR strategy that creates two-way communication with consumers. You can either run from the fact that today’s consumers control brand perception or lean into it. One of the ways we encourage clients to lean in is to create a dedicated digital PR strategy that includes tactics such as customer survey tools, proactive press releases, and comprehensive social strategies. 2. Engage non-traditional outlets and influencers to reach your audience. In the past, PR primarily focused on building relationships with media outlets or industry publications. Today, consumers are getting their information from dozens of different sources including social media influencers and website reviews.  Studies show that 92% of people are more likely to trust recommendations from other people over advertisements and messaging from the actual brands. This is why influencer marketing is one of the most effective PR tactics. By partnering with influencers in addition to other PR strategies, you can ensure you’re maximizing your potential to increase awareness, engagement, and conversions for your brand. 3. Create customized pitches for various outlets and campaigns.  Historically, PR agencies would draft a press release and then blast it out to every outlet they knew. That shotgun approach isn’t nearly as effective in today’s world. We’re simply bombarded with too much content and information. If you want your pitch to stand out, you need to make it as personal and relevant as possible for your audience. This might require a little extra effort, but it will pay off in the long run if your pitch gets picked up. 

Need Help Integrating PR into Your Marketing Plan?

The PR and marketing landscape is changing. Industry influencers and effective tactics are constantly evolving. As one of the top marketing and PR firms in Nashville, our team is constantly looking for new ways to shape and deliver clients’ stories to their target audiences, driving quantifiable results in ways that stay true to our clients’ brands. If you need additional PR assistance or a new strategy that’s built from the ground up, we can help. Reach out to us to schedule a PR audit for your brand.