Tips for Navigating the Changing SEO Landscape in 2024

In the dynamic realm of SEO and digital marketing, small businesses often feel behind the eight ball. You may recognize the paramount importance of search while grappling with the relentless pace of its evolution. The challenge has only increased in 2023 as the influence of artificial intelligence on search algorithms increases, making the SEO landscape a complex terrain to navigate. 

At Green Apple Strategy, we understand the unique struggles small businesses face in this ever-evolving digital environment. As an agency passionate about empowering companies with the best possible marketing talent in the industry, we have the privilege of working with several SEO specialists to support our clients’ needs. For this post, we’ve asked them to share insights on the profound shifts shaping the SEO landscape this year, along with actionable tips tailored for small businesses who want to increase their SEO clout.

Biggest Trends Shaping SEO in 2024

Here are the most significant trends shaping search engine optimization in 2024:

1. Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)

Remember the days when keyword stuffing was an essential SEO tactic? Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) marks a pivotal shift in this effort. Keywords are no longer the sole path to higher rankings. Instead, small businesses must focus on crafting content that speaks naturally to their audience’s questions, concerns, and desires. Think less robot, more friend sharing valuable insights.

2. Search Continues to Get Smarter 

With AI and machine learning taking center stage, search engines are getting even better at knowing what searchers are looking for. Search tools now analyze user behavior, search history, and contextual clues to predict what someone wants. Businesses can stay relevant by creating content that anticipates user needs and provides solutions for their audience.

3. E-E-A-T: Trust Is the New Currency of Ranking

Google wants you to trust the websites you land on. That’s why they’re emphasizing Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) like never before. To create content that EEAT will find, focus on quality over quantity, showcasing your expertise through well-researched content, transparent authorship, and building backlinks from credible sources. In 2024, being a trustworthy voice in your field is SEO gold. 

4. ChatGPT Whispers: SEO Gets Conversational

AI language learning models like ChatGPT are showing us how search is becoming more conversational. People are asking questions like they’re chatting with a knowledgeable buddy, not typing robotic keywords with Boolean operators. That’s why it’s essential to start thinking of your content as a helpful guide, a knowledgeable friend offering clear answers, and addressing user pain points effectively.

Tips for Navigating a Changing SEO Landscape

Here are a few best practices that every business can implement when it comes to navigating SEO in 2024:

1. Cultivate Conversational Thought Leadership

Google prioritizes trustworthy sources, and blending thought leadership with a conversational tone strengthens your E-E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness). Businesses can take advantage of this by regularly publishing insightful content that leverages their knowledge or by collaborating with industry experts. For example, consider FAQ-driven content to address user queries directly, and keep a conversational tone to address popular search terms.

2. Build Topical Authority Through Content Depth

Strategic content creation is more crucial than ever before. As you plan your content calendar for 2024, it’s essential to establish topical authority by building a comprehensive content library on your chosen themes. Explore subtopics thoroughly, offering valuable information and insights from subject matter experts.

3. Leverage Video Content for Double the SEO Impact

Search engines have noticed that people are consuming video content like never before, and visual content is now indexable and searchable. If you’re not investing in video, 2024 might be the ideal time to begin filming insightful videos or webinars.  As you post your videos online, follow SEO best practices for YouTube, such as using relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags for increased discoverability on both Google and YouTube.

4. Embrace the Shift to Alternative Platforms

With users flocking to platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit for information, search marketing is continually expanding, with social media being used as a search engine. As a small business, it can be valuable to adapt your strategy and leverage data from these diverse sources to stay relevant in the evolving SEO landscape.

5. Refresh Existing Content for Continued Relevance

In a crowded, fast-paced content landscape, refreshing existing content is crucial for maintaining ranking and search engine visibility. One simple way to extend the life of your content is to repurpose outdated content to ensure it still aligns with user intent, adheres to best practices, and competes effectively with newer material.

6. UX: The Constant in SEO Change

Amidst ongoing SEO evolution, user experience remains a constant priority. Google continues to prioritize smooth UX. If you understand that SEO is structured around making the user experience as frictionless as possible, then you have the right mindset to build your SEO strategy

7. Embrace Adaptability for Long-term Success

Change is the only constant in the future of SEO. The integration of AI and evolving content standards necessitate an adaptable and evolving strategy. As a small business, it’s essential to embrace continuous learning and recognize the importance of making strategic adjustments to thrive as your audience changes the way they search.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

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How B2B Companies Can Refresh Their Marketing


It’s that time of year again! Spring is beginning to bloom, prompting us all to reach for the  “refresh” button on both our personal and professional home pages. After a year of learning and growth from our successes and failures, now is the time to regroup and refocus our efforts. What better way to initiate this process other than an annual marketing refresh? It’s time to change with the seasons!

Aside from the restlessness of Spring, how do you know it might be time for a marketing refresh for your B2B company? Declining or plateaued rates of white paper downloads, social media engagement, and webinar signups are all telltale signs that it’s time to reevaluate your approach to client engagement. 

In this article, we will outline specific strategies to include within your marketing refresh that can lead to successful client engagement and clear brand representation.

(Re)Examine your Audience

It’s important to remember that your client base consists of living, thinking, and changing beings, rather than a stagnant population you can define in only general terms. Your initial evaluation and definition of your client base may have started out as something that is wholly different than the reality of people you now serve. This is why it is vital to your company’s success to reevaluate your audience every 3-5 years. 

Great methods to reevaluate your audience include the following:

  • Conduct customer interviews
  • Interview your sales teams
  • Conduct thorough buyer research

Mind your Messaging House

There are two important elements to updating your marketing messaging: core messaging and a brand guide. Your company’s core messaging includes how you talk about your company; your brand guide encompasses all elements of how your company looks to others—fonts, colors, logos, etc.

An important note on updating your company’s look: it’s important to stay current with aesthetic trends and to ensure that the way your company looks accurately reflects your messaging; however, it is important to try and only change the company aesthetic every 3-5 years. Changing the look of your company too often makes it nearly impossible for your branding to become synonymous with your name.

Reuse and Repurpose

Recycling and repurposing is an important part of Spring cleaning! Just because you are revamping your content does not mean you have to abandon all the content you’ve previously published. After all, research has shown that SEO can take time to “mature.”

We recommend that you spend some dedicated time and resources strategically updating old blog and social media posts. Be certain to study new keyword rankings and incorporate them into your content to improve search algorithm ranks. Additionally, it is worth the time and effort to spend time link building—replacing old links with more relevant and current information. This will prove to your potential clients that you are abreast of the most current industry technology and trends.

Create a Current Value Proposition

Every B2B company needs an easy and effective way to quickly communicate why they would greatly benefit a potential client. A value proposition is a marketing content tool used to quickly win over your clients. Research shows that, on average, you have seven seconds to make an impression that will seal the deal with a new client. 

A successful value proposition will include the following:

  • Clear communication of specific results your company can provide
  • Explains how your company differs (and improves upon) the competition 
  • Can be read and understood in about seven seconds

While crafting your company’s value proposition, consider what sets you apart in the industry. Use the information you have previously gathered from customer interviews; consider their complaints and qualms with competition and how you worked to alleviate these concerns.

Refreshing your marketing strategy might seem like an overwhelming project, but we are here to guide you through the process, and dare we say, make it fun? You have put a lot of heart and passion into your business, let’s work together to make certain that this is obvious to your audience.

Are you planning a marketing refresh for your business? Contact Green Apple Strategy today to schedule a consultation.