Should You Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool?

linked in logo on an app icon
LinkedIn, like any social media platform, can be a fantastic marketing tool. The success of your tactics on this platform is, however, dependent on two things: the audience you’re trying to reach and the approach that you take in connecting with that audience. In this article, we’ll explain why LinkedIn can be a robust marketing tool and how to know if it’s right for your company.

You should use LinkedIn as a marketing tool if…

1. Your target audience uses LinkedIn. 
Before you build out your LinkedIn strategy, consider if your audience is active on this platform. The last thing you want to do is spend your precious time on something that the right people will never see. So, ask yourself if your audience is on LinkedIn daily, or at least a few times a week. If the answer is yes, then begin building. If the answer is no, identify which social media platform may be a better fit for your business and a better use of your energy.  You might be wondering what the typical LinkedIn audience looks like. LinkedIn users are usually professionals of all ages, from newly-graduated college students to c-suite executives. This audience is looking to build their personal or business success in some way by building their LinkedIn network and making a name for themselves.  Knowing this, here are a few audiences you might reach on LinkedIn: 
  • Executives who are looking for resources, advice, and tools to help their businesses scale or become stronger
  • Companies like yours that are using LinkedIn to build a strong online presence
  • Job seekers who are looking for the right position to begin or advance their career
  • Individuals who want to make professional connections and learn more about their industry
2. You want to build relationships with individual members of your audience. 
LinkedIn is more focused on individuals than it is on companies. As such, it’s a wonderful tool to help you build meaningful connections with others in your industry, as well as prospective customers or job candidates. Those LinkedIn members often have something to teach us, and we can learn about them in the process. By building these connections, you can identify who might be a good fit to join your company’s team or who might find great success using your product or service. This approach can help you identify specific targets and give your recruiting or sales team a head start.
3. You want to be viewed as a thought leader in your industry.
When you maintain an active LinkedIn profile, you build your position as a thought leader within your industry. Over time, your followers will see you as the go-to person when they want to learn more about your area of expertise. This approach elevates your personal and company brand while educating those around you. You likely will not notice an immediate return from this part of the tactic, but it’s well worth the long-term return on investment.
4. You are growing your team and are searching for a new hire.  
Over the years, LinkedIn has grown to be a robust hiring platform. Companies have an advantage when hiring via LinkedIn because, once the applications begin rolling in, they can view the applicants’ profiles. At a glance, you can see their personal description, work history, endorsements, and more. You can then reach out to the candidates who align with your position criteria and start discussing the specifics and next steps. This platform makes it easy to keep track of applications and where they are in the process.
5. You’re prepared to engage with others’ content, not just your own. 
When using LinkedIn to accomplish your business goals, it’s important that you’re prepared to engage with others’ content, too, and not just your own. Remember that you’re opening yourself and your company up to relationship building. When you’re sending out content and taking a hands-off or auto-pilot approach, you may not see the results you were hoping for. Pro tip: To engage on a deeper level with your audience, search LinkedIn for industry groups to join that align with your company and audience interests. 

Best Practices for LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn presence can achieve several of your business goals if you approach it in a strategic way. To get the most out of your efforts, it’s crucial that you keep your profile up to date and be active in posting and sharing industry-relevant content. The more active you are—with meaningful, relevant content—the faster you can build your presence and reach your target audience.  Be careful not to share content for no reason or to give generic responses to others’ content. Your audience can sense your authenticity, and they will appreciate you for putting in the time to interact.  Ready to build and strengthen your online presence? Contact Green Apple Strategy today to schedule a consultation.