4 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Client

You’re scrolling through your feed and see someone wearing an outfit that you admire. While you love it on that specific person, you know deep down that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off quite as well, or maybe even at all. Finding the right client is similar to finding the right wardrobe—they must be the right fit. So, even when a new client is enticing, it’s important to determine whether they’re aligned with your business goals. To make it easier to choose where to invest your efforts and which clients are the best fit for you, here are four ways to identify your ideal client.

1. Start with What You Have

Start by looking at the clients or targets that you already have. These individuals already trust and utilize your brand and are a suburb foundation to build your client base. What qualities do these individuals possess? What are their behaviors or characteristics? Research your audience’s demographics, interests, needs, purchasing habits, challenges, etc., to develop a client persona and begin your search. 

2. Discover and Target Your Desired Audience

Advancing one step further, consider distributing a client questionnaire to your most beloved clients, buyers, followers, etc. Once you have detailed information from them directly, you can target similar or lookalike audiences. You’ll be delivering products or services to people who will enjoy it most, plus you’ll be working with more of your favorite type of people—win-win.  Sample questions can include:
  • What do you like most about our product/service?
  • Where are your problem areas in the X industry?
  • What does your typical day look like?
  • What made you choose us over X?
  • What social channels do you prefer?

3. Establish and Drive Solutions for Problem Areas

Once your initial research phase is complete, you will have an accurate idea of your audience’s primary problem areas. Since your goods and services are most likely a possible option for these individuals, you need to highlight why you are the best solution. Your messaging is key when it comes to communicating with your ideal customer. Accentuate their pain points and emphasize how you can resolve them. Incorporate your targeted messaging in your marketing materials, social networks, website, advertising efforts, and other places where you communicate to your audiences.  

4. Compare and Align Your Values

When determining if a client is right for you or not, aligning your values is an additional way to identify individuals who fall within your niche. If you strongly believe in your values, don’t ever feel like you should compromise to gain business. As a company, you must clarify your values at the beginning. If the potential customer doesn’t respect or have similar values to you, that’s okay. In most cases, the individuals or companies with more aligned principles are the ones who result in long-term relationships.  While someone else may be able to achieve particular looks (or have specific clients), you have just as much range with your unique culture, staple talents, and specialized approaches that they won’t venture. The people who align the best with your business are the ones who will stay, just like your staple wardrobe pieces that you wouldn’t dare trade. 

Identify Your Ideal Client with Green Apple

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