woman-on-couch-listening-to-podcastHave you ever noticed that you’re more creative when you’re inspired? Better yet, have you noticed that you feel less creative when you’re stuck in a routine, doing the same things day after day? You aren’t alone. 

When you’re inspired, your creative juices are flowing—and that’s when you do your best work. The Green Apple team shares our favorite books, shows, and podcasts with each other on our daily water cooler chats. The recommendations are too good to keep them all to ourselves. So, we’re sharing them with you, starting with podcasts! 

10 Inspiring Podcasts that Will Ignite Your Creativity

  1. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: “Oprah’s discussions are so good and uplifting. She has two episodes with Brene Brown that are great!” says Kate. In this podcast, Oprah interviews thought-leaders, health and wellness experts, and many other inspirational people who will motivate you to be your best self. Among those interviewed on the podcast are Sue Monk Kidd, Eckhart Tolle, and Sheryl Sandberg.
  2. How I Built This: Hosted by Guy Raz, this NPR podcast delves deep into the most successful companies in the world to discuss their journeys. You’ll learn about infamous entrepreneurs and innovators, discovering how they built their dreams.
  3. Unlocking Us: ”I’m currently listening to and loving this podcast!” says Sam. Unlocking Us is Brené Brown’s tribute to the human experience. She unpacks moments “from the bravest to the most brokenhearted” to shine a light on the ideas that reflect humanity. This podcast is relatable, inspiring, and will be the perfect start to your best day.
  4. Stuff You Should Know: In the mood to learn something new? This podcast is a great way to discover topics that you didn’t even know you were curious about. A recommendation from Olivia, she listens to episodes of Stuff You Should Know on long car rides to spark her curiosity.
  5. Dolly Parton’s America: Multiple team members have listened to this podcast and can’t recommend it enough. This nine-episode series dives in to discuss America’s love for Dolly—the one thing that everyone can agree on in a polarized world. You’ll learn about Dolly’s life, inspirations, and creativity from a new perspective. It’s a much-needed break from your daily routine. “If you know anything about Dolly Parton, this podcast colors outside the lines to explore some of the more unique, untouched narratives about Dolly’s life,” says Adam.
  6. TED Talks Daily: We’re always looking to learn something new. This podcast fits the bill. Start your morning with a daily TED talk that will introduce you to new concepts and perspectives, adding thoughtful messages and inspiration to your day.
  7. Emotional Badass: Where moxie meets mindfulness, this podcast has been rated among the top 10 in mental health podcasts and top 1,000 podcasts of all time on iTunes. Speaking to “survivors, empaths, and highly sensitive people,” Emotional Badass is the everyday emotional education that so many of us need to begin accessing the creative and inspired side of ourselves. 
  8. Armchair Expert: Hosted by Dax Shepard, this podcast is a series of celebrity interviews that go beyond surface-level conversation into the depths of stars’ stories and experiences. “I love hearing celebrities’ stories first-hand and always learn something interesting and new in their ‘experts on experts’ episodes,” says Olivia. Shepard will make you laugh, stir some emotion, and do it all with thought-provoking interview questions.
  9. Beyond Influential: This podcast’s tagline is “Every industry has influencers—why shouldn’t it be you?” which says everything you need to know about its message. Hosted by brand expert Brittany Krystle, Beyond Influential looks to unlock the secrets of industry influence through raw conversations with those creatives and entrepreneurs that are rising to the top.
  10. That’s So Retrograde: Hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari merge pop culture and wellness to discover their most authentic selves. Where self-help and indulgence meet entrepreneurship, you’ll end an episode with a fire in your heart to create your most intuitive, inspired work yet.

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